Update to US Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees - Effective April 1, 2020



I am a bit confused. But those prices include picking and shipping? Thank you


How does this apply to the Small and Light Program? With the recent changes that took affect on Feb 18, 2020 it seemed like multi unit orders were no longer receiving a discount in fulfillment at all. Will that change with this update back to how it used to be?


Are they actually offering to ship expedited, 2-day, for only $5.69 for a small item? If so that’s a bargain. Costs me $7+ for USPS Priority Mail, plus my costs to pick and pack. Curious if they will actually get it out the door in time for 2-day delivery, since in the past they’ve often taken 4 or more days before actually shipping.


Because Walmart is getting into the fulfillment business.


Paypal does. Take payments on paypal for sales outside Amazon.com


My opinion-

Amazon is encouraging multi-channel in part to get the data. In addition to finding out about new items they can buy and sell themselves, they have a better idea on volume and price (without Amazon 15%) . They can also examine these dedicated buyers who are willing to look off site for purchase as well as drifting prime members.

As to offering the low shipping rates to FBM , I would not count on it. No benefit for Amazon in that they have already have the lowest negotiated rates in part because they sort and ship to each zipcode by pallet with USPS and I assume the others. FBM also generally does not fit in with the Amazon delivery options unless you have significant volume and both you and the buyer are in very selective areas.

More likely Amazon would like to get rid of FBM a noisy and expensive bunch who won’t be needed to identify new products if they can get the multi channel to work.


That bit has not changed as of now… some MCF orders are “shipped” 7 or 8 days after the order was placed.


Yes. We got an invite and they are looking for people that ship alot of items over 1 LB.


What I dont understand is that while Norfolk, Newport news did not get a warehouse, They two of them here in the Richmond area. One in Chester and the other Petersburg, not more than 30 min apart.

Why 2 so close together, why not one here and one by VA beach or something…


DOR1 is in Chesapeake, but it’s just a DC, there’s no FC down here. We also have a Fresh location over here and a couple of Whole Foods. They are building a huge Amazon building in Suffolk and I’m wondering if based on it’s size it may be an actual FC. Amazon is being kinda tight lip about it with their drivers, but it’s interesting. It’s in Suffolk, one of the seven cities of Hampton Roads. My personal suspicion is that it will be an FC, I mean 87 acres is a lot of space, and the company they hired for construction has had their hand in many Fulfillment centers throughout the SouthEast, so here’s hoping!


Well, most of mine are under 1 pound, but the 1-2 pound share is growing. That’s interesting.


I would agree to that in the past, but just read a national multichannel publication that rumor has it Amazon is drifting away from owning inventory and starting to focus more on their more profitable advertising and logistical segments. Allow the 3rd party sellers to carry the burden of inventory cost and risk. They are trying to win more brands to sell direct to consumer through Amazon and by pass retailers or at least limit their reliance on retailers.


Can you please share the link?



Here is the link:
https://multichannelmerchant.com/.../ amazon -want-direct-selling-latest-move- says/
Does Amazon Want Out of Direct Selling? Latest Move Says So


I do exactly that. I ship about 100 pkgs per day, and they are 6 to 45 pounds ea.
Sure wish they’d contact me…