Update to Amazon US referral and FBA fees: Effective June 1, 2021


That does seem to be a valid point. They certainly did a poor job at translating the old fee to the new fee.


We are in the same boat - many of our products are solidly in the 12-16 ounce category, and if we are reading the tea leaves correctly we will benefit from the reduction from $4.90 to $4.25. This would be one of the rare times where the fee changes are actually in our favor.


What do mean “poor job”? Previously there was a huge jump for $3.48 to $4.90 when you got over 12 ounces. This was horrible for us and many others. The jumps in the new fee schedule are not as much now - much fairer in my opinion. So although many people are seeing big increases there are pockets where the fees are much more balanced than before


“Word on the Street” LOL Did you hear that down on the corner?


Fantastic for those who benefited. I find it ironic that us sellers who have been selling gloves, sanitizers, hand cleaners. disinfectant sprays and wipes, etc. for years actually LOST 80% of their business during the pandemic.


Hi @AlexP
The Business Team advises that the storage fees are not increasing on June 1, 2021.


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When USPS raised their rates this year, Amazon was proud to announce that the USPS increase would not impact or increase their prices. Fast forward two months and all that went out the window. Now Amazon is increasing FBA fees 2-3% because, well, it can.


I mean, with the ineptitude of Seller Support now, haven’t they technically gotten rid of it already in 2021?


I don’t know what the word is, but I do know I am convinced they are trying to get rid of Third Party Sellers and that would be another way to do it. The policy changes over the years support it. They are trying to drive as many sellers as they can into FBA and let the sellers who don’t want to participate fall off the vine. It’s all about getting all the products in their hands where they can know every detail about them. I’ll let you speculate as to why.


When Amazon raises prices, sellers raise prices. Customer sees he can get it in Ebay cheaper and faster than on Amazon. Seller and Amazon both lose.
As a Amazon shopper I have been finding better deals on ebay free faster shipping. Take notice Amazon, Your fall from grace will be epic.


Restock limits make no sense. I sell holiday products - right now FBA is asking to send tens of thousands of Valentine’s Day products (in late March) and won’t let me send large quantities of Easter products. It’s because the algorithm factors in mostly recent sales for the ASIN, which in the case of Holidays doesn’t happen until 2 weeks before the holiday. By the time the algorithm finally detects more units should be sent the holiday is over. I’ve been contacting seller support for 1 year about this and still no fix. It has cost me literally $800k in bottom line net profit over the past 12 months because I need to go to more expensive 3rd part fulfillment where I lose money on each sale.




This is interesting statement…
It indicates that amazon FBA fees are not so terrible compare to other alternatives…


Ebay IS definitely cheaper. I’ve always noticed this and wondered why Amazon would ban so many from selling their media product here. So they all put it on Ebay much cheaper and buyers noticed they could get their media for a much better price there. The one’s they’ve allowed to sell here, on Amazon, now had less competition, greedily jacked their prices up to ridiculous amounts, only making Amazon less and less attractive to buyers, steering them over to Ebay. Good job, Amazon!! That takes genius.


I could fulfill cheaper myself but SFP is on a waitlist so I can’t get the prime badge if I fulfill myself which means very few sales and can’t keep up with my competitors. So I use my 3rd party fulfillment company’s SFP account but it’s so expensive to do that. It’s not that FBA fees are so great, it’s just that FBA gives you the prime badge so you’re stuck using them if you can’t get SFP.


I can only pray all the hyperbole is true, and some of the FBA sellers crying here will switch to MF, so the successful FBA sellers can get their limits reduced and have less competition.


@seamod The verbiage is still confusing. You use the term “shipping weight” in both columns. You are simply lumping unit weight + packaging weight = shipping weight? So packaging weight still affects the end weight, you just aren’t using the term anymore?


you just need to wait until the next round of “investments in FBA improvements”


Not seeing the storage fees - are these remaining the same?