Update to Amazon US referral and FBA fees: Effective June 1, 2021


Amazon keeps on giving to customers… & taking from hard working sellers


They raise the fees because they can, not because there’s an overbearing need to. When they want to make an investment the 1.56T dollar company doesn’t do it themselves, they charge us to fund it, then charge us to use it and release a newsletter expecting us to be grateful and thank them. Amazon already takes such a massive margin on low cost items (>70%) yet continuously raise fees, demand lower costs, and give us heavily restrained cashflow in bi-weekly payouts that hold over half our money every two weeks and we either have to turn to Payability and have all the profits eaten or suffer until the next payout. Amazon is moving heavily to get rid of 3rd party sellers, and quite fast to say the least. This monopoly of a company in both e-commerce and internet presence (AWS) is simply inconceivably massive. And where buyers of a company would typically face the honorifics of such a massive company, it is the oddly situated, “partnered” sellers who face this slowly killing and abusive devastation.


I expected worse honestly.


What does this mean

  • We will eliminate the packaging weight adjustment to our rate card calculation for FBA.

Using Dim only?


FBA is a classic bait-and-switch scam. Why would anyone fall for it?


Hello @Amazon_Seller_8472,

Currently, packaging weight is used to determine shipping weight, but starting June 1, 2021, we will eliminate the packaging weight adjustment. For units 0.75 lb or under, unit weight will determine shipping weight. For units over 0.75 lb, the greater of either unit weight or dimensional weight will determine shipping weight.

I hope this helps!


When are they going to make an improvement for the ridiculous pesticide issue?
Now today 2 of our listing got flagged again which was unflagged 3 months ago after multiple emails and now I do not have the energy contact seller support as it is useless to receive a bot response back. I have to reply the very same email so many times until someone who can understand English responses back so they can unflag it. I would rather to delete the listing and sell that product on another venue instead of dealing this endless issue that Amazon does not make any improvements at all.



At least Amazon’s talked a little bit about the pesticide issue. Still no response at all about my history book being flagged because it has a Confederate Flag on it! Let alone my rare edition of Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat Visits Gettysburg”.


I know they did talk about it, but all it was a talk.
It is so annoying that the listings that was unflagged getting flagged again after all the work we did previously. Our product is a car decal/sticker “fly fishing design” obviously very poorly programmed software sees that “fly” as an insect not the design theme or name.
This is the result of a very poorly work done by lazy engineers who are coding in the back. They are running the software to search specific keywords to flag it (in my case “Fly”).
What they need to do is create coding rules to skip these listings that have these keywords for good. If they do not have the skills to create those coding rules than use a filter where software skips listing per ASIN list which can be added in the back end manually , however to reach someone in the back end is like winning a lottery. First 7-8 emails we receive are from bots


I question that the increase is 2-3% on average. My fees are going up 8% on most items!


Amazon always seems to brag about themselves. They tell you what they have done all year so they can justify the FBA fee increases. I can tell you they haven’t fixed the seller support issues that sellers have complained about for nearly a decade. I can tell you that Amazon hasn’t fixed the system so buyers can’t scam sellers into refunding without return. Seems amazon only notices the stuff they do and not what the sellers go through with amazon allowing buyers to steal from sellers at will.


seller support is so helpful when I asked where I should put POLO men’s ED toilette they asked if that was a French toilet.


Is there a storage cost price increase ? Cant seem to find that.


What’s your other option, tho?
Disposal? They still charge the same !!


Don’t give 'em any ideas!


3% increase in fees*

  • with an additional 20% decrease in seller support quality


They did?

Please show examples.


First impressions: This is as bad as the change from 2016-2017. Nothing benefits the seller. Amazon will generally get to charge 50-100% more in fees we are already experiencing. Amazon’s stimulus to their sellers last year was to give a 1 and a half month loan delay, that’s it.

Even though we have all suffered from problems with the post office during covid, told we would be reimbursed, and then MANY of us have been denied for past promises Amazon made to protect their sellers during the worst pandemic in Amazon’s existence. Now we are expected to foot fees just so they can continue to accelerate their profits. But this isn’t the case for the sellers, they are simply finding new ways to drain those profits and now restrict almost any listing from hitting Amazon.

Part of the problem is when Jeff started selling books out of his garage, I’m pretty sure he didn’t have to go to company’s to ask them for permission to sell their products, since the Supreme Court had already decided he was allowed to do this. Funny that how 25 years later when the shoe is on the other foot, we are suddenly not allowed to list many items for any given reason. I digress, but the point to be made is, the problems sellers face are unprecedented. And the lack of leadership and true help for third party sellers over the years has only exacerbated the problem.

Just to put into perspective, Amazon is telling me that 25 cents to have their automated robot go through my inventory and pluck out a non-selling book to dispose of it is losing them money, and in order to break even, they need to charge 35 cents (once again, to have an automated robot handle my disposal). Are you programming a terminator unit to eliminate the target? Then I understand. But I don’t think Amazon is quite there yet.

TLDR Stop piling on third party sellers with outrageous fee increases and passing it off like your $1.56 trillion dollar company just can’t do it without the fee increases.


Soooooo… Amazon spent all of last year trying to funnel 3p sellers into FBA by offering intensives to add new ASINs to FBA and making it harder for 3p sellers to do SFP. Now that they’ve lured more sellers into FBA, they increase the fees. LOL, suckers.



We get it - You are our munificent Master.

Now the FACTS - the Small products get Hammered …