Upcoming removal of comments feature on reviews


Ironically, I really wasn’t giving the OP a hard time about opening another thread. Apparently they chose not to believe me.

I see value in multiple threads. They are often good indicators of a system wide glitch or worse.


What’s your point? You the post police?

People come here for help & always people doing everything but…


Awesome Amazon. This is almost as great as customer being allowed to leave a star rating on a product on canceled orders. We have a nasty seller/vendor in our category who has done a great job of destroying all of the best sellers reviews. The only way we have a chance in defending ourselves is to be able to comment on them. Even if a majority of customers do not read the reviews (or comments) at least we had an opportunity to defend ourselves.


We are committed to our continued success and will remove other opportunities for you to connect with customers.

There. Fixed it.


The bigger issue with removing the ability to reply is that many Buyers choose to use this as a method to communicate simple questions to Sellers. This is Amazon’s method of isolating the Seller from the Buyer. The unfortunate side affect is increasing the amount of miscommunication.


Amazon continues to show that while the customer is always right, the seller does not matter.

The removal of the option is another example of Amazon’s HORRIBLE SELLER SUPPORT.

We pay to email customers to ask them if anything is wrong with their orders and if so, can we help them. This should be a function of our seller back end. Further the vast majority of the customers opt out. Only a fraction of the customers we assist give a review. So, we sell 3000 orders in a month. Only 20 give feed back. if one person give a negative review even if unfounded our pct goes from 100% to 95%. This is total BS. 2880 customers don’t say anything because they don’t care about giving reviews or they opt out of emails. Those customers who were properly served are not counted. What a screwed up system this is. Absolutely not reflective of our actual success.


They are “special”. We stopped selling about 2000 products on Amazon, because they are too complicated for the average Amazon customer (shower door kits). It has gotten really bad this year with all the people shopping while drunk.


Remember…Amazon is not the seller’s friend.


Account managers have no access to the systems behind seller feedback. They are inherently isolated to prevent manipulation. That isn’t to say that there aren’t bad actors on the platform that are working in a concerted effort between different departments… but I can tell you that the account manager is not the one pulling the puppet strings.


Why was bookwormapril’s post flagged? She put effort into pulling all those threads for our benefit.


I think because people read things into what I wrote instead of taking it at face value (as intended).


But they’ll leave seller feedback under the product reviews. THAT MAKES SENSE.


This is about Reviews - not feedback.


Yeah, I got the same email… It’s complete BS… ‘Customers’ are allowed to say anything with absolute impunity… And I say ‘customers’ in quotes because sometimes I am sure its really competitors…

Take away the only recourse sellers have… Fine… But, in return, (a) don’t allow people to use fake names for reviews while still calling them “verified”, (b) provide a mechanism for the seller to contact the buyer to help find a resolution for the complaint, © when a seller flags a review as being in violation of policy, suppress the review while you invetsigate — sellers deserve the right afforded to anyone that is accused of something – innocent until proven guilty.

BTW, its strange how I never get bad reviews on FBM only on FBA… What is that all about?..


Again Amazon this is not at all helpful to sellers…

Amazon is no longer being very helpful to buyers either. Since I apparently didn’t spend enough money on Amazon recently, so now as a buyer I can no longer even ask the seller a simple question under the ’ Customer questions and answers’ section on the listing page. Oh well, I guess that answers my question on whether I’ll be making any future purchases on Amazon when you can’t ask a seller about their product. Then they wonder why the return rates are going up, yet they blame the problem on the seller when the buyer receives a cream green gadget when they thought they were buying a gray thingamajig.

’To post, accounts need to have a minimum amount of valid purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify.'


‘God mode’ Nice…


As Amazon grows, they head closer towards going bankrupt…or at least that’s what JB says. :grinning:


Why Amazon making these features a mess like out of mind? What are they doing? We had some customers complaining they didn’t know how to connect with us for their issue and left us negative reviews while Amazon created a feature that customers block all emails from sellers.
What we should do? Anyone tell me?
And some others had bad reviews saying they contacted Amazon while nobody replied. But we never had a chance to help


I’m very well aware of what I said and the difference between the two.


Sellers need to push back against this. All Amazon had to do was fix the visibility of comments like a Reddit thread so that reviewing comments didn’t require refreshing the page to the single review. It was rarely used because Amazon designed it that way.