Upcoming changes to the Communication Guidelines


So can anybody tell us if our customer left us a review that our product is dead, can we contact the seller first to resend?


No. You highlighted product review. Different from seller feedback.


The Customer is the Merchants, Not the Marketplace administratorsā€¦ According to the Anti Trust Actionā€¦ So Amazon has some issues to clear up and always hasā€¦ Thus the Anti Trust Issue they are facingā€¦

If its my Customary I get to talk to themā€¦ If its Amazon Customer then they have a huge issue with all of the Policyā€™s thus Amazon needs to be investigated and broken apart.

My Inventory, My Sale , My Customer, My Metrics, My feedbackā€¦ Amazon Cannot pick one of those to tell us we have no control of and at the same time fight the Anti Trust Action they are now Facing. ā€¦ When WE pay as the Customer for the Service Provided.


It is very expensive, but it is worth it for them because Amazon does not catch them, let alone enforce the policies in the article above uniformly. These listings with paid for reviews are incredibly pervasive. You can usually tell the purchased reviews when you can see an enormous percentage of the reviews on a listing having images attached to the review. It is very rare for a reviewer to attach an image to a review naturally without an incentive. I canā€™t tell if Amazon is in denial about how many of their reviews are paid for by Chinese sellers, if they know it is happening and donā€™t want to stop the revenue flow, or if they are just not applying adequate resources to stopping the enormous flood of fake reviews. It is incredibly frustrating that Amazon is nit-picking our legitimate requests for reviews by email and package inserts when they are completely missing the elephant in the room of paid for reviews by Chinese sellers.


There is some confusion with this reply as your initial reply states changes will go into effect dec. 3rd and you provided a link to the changes. Now you are saying there are no changes, just wording clarifications? So what goes into effect dec. 3rd and what is the link of changes for?


Can Amazon define ā€œcomplete an orderā€?


Just checking in to see if any real clarity is to be had on this subject.


The ā€˜Clarification to Communication Guidelinesā€™ page has now disappeared.

Can Amazon clarify how sellers can get clarification to the communication guidelines now please?


That is EXACTLY what is needed. 100% right on. The ā€œcontact the sellerā€ button is a no brainer and would actually alleviate the need for Amazon to hire so many support agents themselves, thus increasing their revenue. I also wish Amazon would remember that we sellers are also their customersā€¦there is a strong need for seller advocates inside Amazon. The rules change so often, itā€™s very hard to keep up and stay compliant.