Upcoming changes to the Communication Guidelines


I never do any of that. Feel no need to beg, and barely get any feed backs for almost 9 years of selling here. As long as the few left aren’t bad, I’m all good! Back when I bought from this Co., I always got notes in with my orders about leaving good feed back. I found it rather pathetic, but I’m mostly an easy-to-please customer and leave good feed back, anyway.


maybe stop these auto bot programs begging for feedback, i for one hate them as it is just a form of harrassment to customers


why would you do this? It is not necessary.


Sheesh !! I hope that it doesn’t violate Amazon policy to write a simple ‘‘thank you’’ on the packing slip.


The packing slip has a thank you note prined already…


If a buyer wants to act maliciously, and harass and threaten you, just let them. Because if you respond you will violate Amazon’s communication policies.


You’ve gone too far!!


NOOOOOOO, It’s just unclear to you and only you! I’m unclear and many others how it’s STILL UNCLEAR TO YOU!


You go ahead and continue and let the rest of us know if you got suspended! Thanks


Read! Read! Read!


While this is a good move by Amazon to protect buyer privacy and reduce the spam, I would LOVE to see Amazon finally have the back’s of sellers and introduce an easy “Contact the Seller” button that is located either on the product page or from the your orders page.


After reading the comments, and see how confuse some STILL ARE!! I totally see why so many accounts get suspended. Mind blowing!


I don’t do it… all my competitors do though and Amazon let’s them.


the irony is that the only annoying seller that is constantly asking you for feedback sending you unnecessary messages for no reason is…amazon


Many times they will just give you a 1 feedback instead of asking where’s my stuff. Happy Days.


On the packing slip, I am still going to handwrite a ‘‘Thank you’’ and put my name below it, and that’s that. That’s what I always do.


These are Amazon’s buyers, not yours, to build an audience, contact, or have outside relationships with.
Everyone was so used to how eBay does it, that they just can’t grasp this idea!


No links… no links outside of Amazon.


As a buyer I would not mind being bothered. I would rather that the seller be assured of my seriousness to purchase what I perceive it is that i am buying. Sure would love an open door to all things I do and more so with Business.

I would campaign for a “Big Bright Magnificent Button” at Checkout that denotes: Contact ME :star_struck:, No Probs


Recent reasons that I have proactively contacted a customer…

  1. Tracking shows item was never delivered = email explaining the missing package and a refund
  2. Buyer received damaged shipment and requested return = email saying keep it, I have already refunded.
  3. Out of stock item. Email apologizing prior to cancelling order/informing that they haven’t been charged
  4. Arrangements for a huge package arriving