Upcoming changes to the Communication Guidelines


but not call right?


Good. With over 1.75 million sales, I have never had to reason contact a customer unless they contact us first. Apparently a lot of sellers do. :train2:


Years ago I selected the blanket Promotional Emails option, “Do not send me any marketing email for now” because I was tired of Amazon spamming me and didn’t want to take the time to go through the long list of close to 100 promotional email opt-out categories. Within that long list is “Seller Communications” and “Seller Feedback”, those boxes are unchecked when selecting the blanket “do not send” option. So, I am not getting those redundant feedback requests. Buyers using this shotgun approach to dealing with Amazon spam may also be the reason we have problems communicating with buyers when we “think” we need to contact them.

So, I don’t get feedback begging email, but I do see many of my orders from 3rd party Amazon sellers delivered with feedback request inserts, which I’m sure is a major target for Amazon. Hard to enforce though, without buyers reporting them. What’s next, a “bounty” for buyers reporting offenders?


First I do want to be clear … Amazon does write, and has always written, policies that can be interpreted different ways by different people.

It is rare when they actually give examples with those policies based on the questions a normal seller would have.

So … what needs to happen is for Amazon to specify what one garners from the help files about what constitutes a completed order. Most would say with delivery, but that’s not so based on my understanding.

This is my opinion, which is only worth as much as anyone else’s here …

  1. Don’t mistake the interpretation of “complete an order” with “delivery”

  2. Amazon has always, as I see it, included what happens after delivery (for a period of time) to be part of the order and the seller as responsible; A-z claims, Chargebacks, Feedback, Product Reviews, Returns, Refunds, etc…

Based on all this I interpret this policy change to allow 1 request as part of “the order”

Amazon … your help clarifying would be GREATLY appreciated.


a card with a link to the online guide would work, just make sure it’s the manufacturers site and not yours.


I don’t either. But I used to put inserts in packages back in the day with our phone number and care instructions for the product (they were needed). What people wouldn’t read in the bullet points or description, some seemed to read when included in the package.

Now I just write ‘thank you’ on the packing slip and out it goes. Just as evidence that there are other humans involved in the transaction.


The ONLY time I’ve ever wanted to contact a buyer is when their item is priority mail and their address is wrong. I’ve emailed and often not gotten a reply until the next day. What I don’t understand is how these folk can have an address that is wonky. Hope you’re listening Mama A.


“You may not contact buyers in any way for marketing or promotional purposes, including via email, physical mail, telephone, or otherwise.”

Does an insert count as “or otherwise” Inserts are mentioned so many times in this update why not specify in that line. This makes me think you are allowed to market with product inserts.


This policy is specific to communication with customers. There is already a policy that disallows sellers from including inserts that would direct the customer away from Amazon for multiple reasons, one of which being marketing.


Yet again Amazon places more restrictions that prevent legitimate sellers from improving their reviews while they cannot do enough to prevent fake reviews. This policy change is another win for sellers generating fake reviews through elaborate schemes. Reducing seller’s ability to generate reviews or help customers who had bad reviews provides an even greater incentive to cheat, as it is more difficult to compete legitimately. Until Amazon can make policies they can enforce uniformly, those who flagrantly flaunt the rules win.


You have a good point here.
I never undestood why amazon allows reviews not from verified buyers…
What motivates someone that did not purchase an item on amazon to review it on amazon (except authorized reviewers by amazon)?


For handmade we do because we do a lot of custom orders but it is hard trying to get a hold of a customer that doesn’t allow Amazon emails.


Hello Sellers,

We would like to clarify that Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging policies have not changed. Sellers have told us in the past that the policy page was confusing so we have refreshed the language to make it clearer. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and hope the refreshed language is helpful. We wish you continued success selling on Amazon.



you are doing nothing but opening up a can of worms. If there i an issue the buyer will contact you


When a buyer claims they received an empty box for an FBA order and the Feedback team summarily denies the feedback removal, ostensibly without reading the case, they suggest asking the buyer to remove the feedback in their templatized emails:

You may ask buyers to remove their feedback, but do not pressure them to do so. The buyer can remove the feedback if they choose to.

But the Clarification to Communication Guidelines page linked here states the following messages are against Amazon’s policies:

Language that either incentivizes or manipulates product reviews or seller feedback.

How are we supposed to reconcile these two guidelines? Wouldn’t asking for a removal qualify as seller feedback manipulation?


Lets see. Does 1 mean 1 or does it mean 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6? I would argue 1 means 1 regardless of how it is sent to the buyer. Amazon gives you alternative ways to do the same thing. It does not mean you can use them all and it still counts as only 1 because you only asked once via each option.


I think we agree? :thinking:

I only wished to express that I personally find some of the script to be conflicting. We have no issues with policy as we do not solicit feedback or include inserts other than a standard packing slip with our orders. I am not concerned we will somehow misunderstand how much we should or shouldn’t do regarding communications with our customers. We follow the rules and again do not “market” for customer feedback or reviews. I was only offering my opinion on how I interpreted the announcement.




So feedback express will be looking for a new line of business…


I haven’t really been on Amazon that long and since I am a handmade seller I don’t have a huge volume of sells. I am also on Etsy. On both sites I have chosen not to contact a seller unless they contact me first unless I require additional information in order to complete an order.

One of my frustrations as a consumer on Amazon is when I am looking at a product and go to read the reviews to help in my decision making process and I realize that the seller is not selling the product that was originally posted with that ASIN. After becoming an Amazon seller I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep the appearance of positive reviews for their product they are posting different products on a positive reviewed ASIN. If that is the case I find that far more concerning than Amazon not wanting us to develop personal relationships with buyers.