Upcoming changes in shipment confirmation


All well and good - but is Amazon going to follow their own WRITTEN policies regarding accepting USPS Confirmation of Delivery as PROOF that a package was in fact delivered and NOT taking 3P seller’s money for refunding buyers that claim non receipt (including denying appeals with the bogus statement that the Post Office record is “not sufficient” proof)?

Or the Amazon WRITTEN policy that refunds are NOT automatically granted until a returned item is actually physically received by the seller (here Amazon actually uses tracking against the 3P seller) giving the 3P seller 48-hours to grade the return and process the appropriate refund?

And will Customer Service STOP issuing automatic refunds and allowing the buyer to keep the item in contradiction with the 3P seller’s compliance with Amazon written policy requiring a return before a refund is issued?


Are you going to the PO and getting the receipts and THEN typing in the number? If so this won’t help.

BUT, if you use a service like Stamps or Endicia (I use Dazzle) I just click on the tracking number, copy it, and then paste it. No problems with wrong finger input!

Using a service like that is pretty cheap given the potential cost of repeated errors on Amazon AND you get discounted postage rates as well – something like 25% or so under what the PO charges you.

My business has grown to where I ship well over 100 boxes a week and the postage savings pay not only the cost of Dazzle but my Amazon store fees as well many months.


I would like to see that when we use shippers not in the list (including major shippers, larger than some of the piddly shippers in the list), that these orders be removed from our VTR metric. Between bots, hidden Buy Box algorithm, uninformed CSRs, etc. It’s just too unnerving to have a sub-par metric displaying on a page saying “we will shut you down if you don’t get your act together”, regardless of whatever asterisks written policy puts on that metric. I don’t trust Amazon to act as a smoothly integrated set of over-silo’d divisions; I expect Amazon to rely on too much automation and a poor sense of statistical significance (especially for a company so reliant on metrics).


HUH? Where?

Where dat?


Where is that again?


I already include about $1 for shipping in my prices for the small under $10 items.
Everything I sell is customizable, so going to a chinese marketplace would be unlikely for my most popular items - Im in handmade. BUT that doesn’t mean someone who wouldn’t hesitate to spend $5 now questions whether that item is worth spending $8.50+.

How about just having the system do a checkback on subtotal of order and allowing us to mark items as “flat” for shipping purposes… under $10, allowed to confirm without tracking. over $10, valid tracking required. It’s basically what the system does now when checking for vtr anyways, and how it’s worked since I’ve been a seller here. It seems like a reasonable thing and would actually help sellers and eliminate the need for a VTR metric entirely. But who am I to suggest Reasonable changes or updates when they can go to some extreme instead.

Still waiting for some sort of confirmation on the under $10 flat items debate we are left speculating on because once again Amazon posts something not entirely clear about a change being made.


I spoke too soon. In speaking with a rep, there will no longer be a tracking exemption for items under $10 that can be shipped in an envelope. The gentleman was very unclear and had me on the phone for 30 min, but he says that he struggled to find the exemption policy because it was apparently wiped today. You might want to call too and find out because this is a very normal thing to hear one thing only to hear another thing from another person. This really is not good for our business unfortunately as I am sure yours either.


been doing this for over 15 years… The Difference is that now Amazon is checking.


Question: If you use First Class, you still get a tracking number. The customer will see from start to finish destination, but nothing in between. So if there is still a tracking number, can’t we still be able to use First Class?


We agree, requiring tracking items for orders sent in flat envelopes priced under $10 is very unreasonable for sellers that have great metrics. It’s the difference in a 45% margin and a 20% margin, which we wouldn’t accept so prices will have to be increased. Perhaps more information will come out in the following week or so.


That rep is a moron, as usual. The info hasn’t been wiped… I found it in the Valid Tracking Rate page where it has always been 2 minutes ago…

Calculating VTR

To calculate this metric, we take the number of packages you ship with a valid tracking number and divide it by the total number of packages you have shipped and confirmed. VTR is expressed as a percentage.

For example, if you confirmed shipment for 200 packages, and 190 of those packages had a valid tracking number, your Valid Tracking Rate would be 95% (190 ÷ 200 = .95 or 95%).

We use promised delivery date to determine which orders are included in the performance metric. Your Valid Tracking Rate has a two-week latency period, which allows the data enough time to be statistically relevant.

The following items are not included in the VTR calculation:

  • Freight items: Domestic items shipped by freight with a carrier not integrated with Amazon.
  • Small/Flat items: Domestic items (such as screen protectors and greeting cards) that cost less than $10 (including shipping charges) and are shipped in Standard Mail envelopes or First Class Mail envelopes.
  • International shipments (excluding China-based sellers) : Items ordered on Amazon but shipped to a delivery address outside the country where the seller is based.

Where Amazon integrated tracking solutions are available (such as China Post Express and Logistic ePacket service), we require valid tracking numbers for at least 95% of your shipments on orders greater than $5.00 (price including shipping)."

Whats still unclear is if this will change based on the new announcement… but the info is still there as of this moment.


Do you really need to type in “ground” or is the date, carrier and tracking ID enough? I ship most of my products UPS or FedEx ground.


This will hurt dropshippers as most of the time they confirm the order, then enter the shipping details after their shipper provides it to them.
We always use Amazon buy shipping so no changes for us but it will definitely be a pinch for those dropshipping.


How about USPS make a new shipping option, $1 tracked - envelope. And we all can be happy.

Sure, it’s never going to happen.

I remember when they pretty much doubled the shipping fees, because “the gas was over $4”. Then the gas fell $1.20, yet the USPS shipping fees did stay really high. Yet, people were totally fine with the scam…


Ok. We clearly need to do more digging then.


I remember back when you could put delivery confirmation (tracking) on a first class envelope for $.55… Those were the days. I used to do it a lot when we’d mail checks that were high value (over $2000) and needed to know when they were delivered. Now they require you to use “certified” mail… which literally costs more than first class pkg where you get free tracking. Why would I pay $4.40 for certified when for $3.35 I can ship it first class pkg… Their entire system is broken. I just tell most customers who inquire about tracking to get Informed Delivery and it solves 90% of their delivery problems…


About 50% of our sales are under $10 and shipped in small flats via US Mail 55¢ stamp. This would kill our business if that exemption is being eliminated.


It really changes nothing for those who are doing it right.

However. It does end the “‘Hey I just sold an item to my neighbor with standard 8-day shipping, should I just walk over there right now and hand it to them’ ‘Why yes ABSOLUTELY just put down Joe Seller Shipping Service with your own tracking and delight them with unprecedented fast 5-minute shipping’” … instead, those customers will have to suffice with the delight that comes from a major carrier.


Happened to us on another platform a while back. Similar situation, low-cost item with free shipping. We had to adjust to the 2.80 (now 3.01) for USPS First Class, passing that on to the consumer. Happily, they still consume. On the plus side for us, there’s tracking so no longer a potential issue about lost packages.


With China it is $5 with shipping. With USA it is $10 with shipping. What about sale taxes? Is that part of $10? Item + shipping + taxes = $10 or less No need for tracking. Is this correct?


Same. We wait for more details but not looking good.