UPC doesn't match the product category


I am attempting to add a new product, Guy Harvey Rainbow Trout Window Decal. The product is marked with a factory-supplied UPC. Every time I attempt to add the product I get this error:

UPC doesn’t match the product category

It is my understanding that UPCs are assigned by the producer to their products and are not Amazon-specific.

Does anyone know what is going on here?


I don’t recall ever seeing mention of that specific error message before…

I suppose that it’s at least remotely possible that the problem is related to the heretofore-dismal performance of the new Apparel Classification & Product Attribute Initiatives (evidence seems to suggest that these are butting their heads like bulls in rut), but I think that the most-likely explanation is what has been fairly commonplace an occurrence since long before these new schemes were rolled out: Amazon’s systems believing (rightly or wrongly) that the GTIN has already been assigned to a different ASIN.


My farfetched guess is that this is an improvement to trademark infringement prevention and category approval circumvention and the GS1 prefix for Guy Harvey is associated solely with apparel.


What’s a GTIN. I am using UPCs


It seems that everyone one of these schemes blow up in everyone’s faces. Never work properly, JMHO. Example Price warnings are always false alarms. I have put in a “ticket” but no answers so far. Guy Harvey licenses other manufacturers to put his artwork on products. I’ll try adding the product without the name Guy Harvey, and see if it works.


GTIN = Global Trade Identification Number - i.e. UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, etc. (further complications arise from Amazon’s in-house implementation of “GCID”, i.e. ‘Global Catalog ID.’)

This is primarily why I mentioned “I suppose that it’s at least remotely possible…”