UPC codes


New seller! Im trying to sell masks and they’re 10 different masks in each pack. Do I need a barcode for each masks or just 1 since I’m selling them all in one pack?


Halloween masks? If 10 different (or identical) masks are packaged together in a single retail package than that is one item. One UPC.


If you are trying to sell medical masks — Amazon will not allow anyone to list these right now.
You may want to try to sell them on another site.
IMHO — Donate them to your local hospital

If you are tyring to sell other types of masks, for you to sell all 10 of them at one time - the manufacturer would have put a UPC number on all 10 in one pack.
Otherwise, there should be a separate UPC number for each mask — also provided by the manufacturer


Based on what you stated, “the single product includes a set of 10 masks”, the single set would require 1 UPC code. Remember, don’t make the mistake of buying a UPC from a scalper on eBay. Make sure you own the UPC and buy it from GS1, the regulating agency. That way you are assured the UPC will be assigned to your company. Buying a fake one, says your product is a fake right from the start. :train2: