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GS1 is… strange. but yes, If the UPC’s are already registered to XYZ company and you are trying to use them for ABC company, it will kick them out.

Bottom line, unless you are getting your upc’s from GS1 directly, don’t count on them working anymore on Amazon


I am assuming you already contacted the manufacturer to see if they have UPC codes for their products.

If they do not, perhaps the products are eligible for a GTIN exemption. The link below has the info and a link for requesting approval at the bottom of the page:


Good luck!


What exact;y is the error ?

What is the Brand ?

Single product listing, multi-pack or bundle ?


You will not be able to use purchased UPCs on branded products as the purchased UPCs are not registered to that brand.


Thank you both!

The ebay seller is telling me that they aren’t registered to anyone, yet his listing stated he is the owner. Yet, GS1 says they are owned by a company in a different state than the seller. He is a huge seller…having sold millions of codes.


Single product, Pokemon card, brand is Pokemon/Nintendo.

This is the error I get:
You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list. If you believe you have reached this message in error, please contact Seller Support.


Then how are other sellers listing the newest Pokemon card releases on Amazon?


They may have an exemption, or they are listing against existing asins.

Just a question… most of your items are below $1 and free shipping… You realize Amazon takes $1 (sometimes more) in fees per item… right?


Trading cards are 15%, an exception because most sell under $1.

I tried again to list, this time I put unbranded just to test. It gives no error and the “save and finish” isn’t greyed out. I’m not listing it though, because I know it’s not unbranded.


Got it, I did not know cards were exempt from the $1 minimum!


More than likely they are using a legitimate UPC and then “massaging” them…that’s as far as I will go with the explanation here.


Is this allowed? I get no errors with this:

Manufacturer: Pokemon

Brand: Pokemon,Nintendo

Both brand and manufacturer are correct. Buy why is it when I put a space after the comma, I get a different error: We have identified potential matches for the product you are listing. Before attempting to list, please search the Amazon.com catalog first to see if you can find an already existing listing. If your product does not yet exist and needs to be listed with a new ASIN, please contact Seller Support and mention error code 8573.

There are no matches…

I can use the brand name with no space, right? I’ve seen it used on other listings and thought I’d try it out.

I really appreciate everyone’s help.


I wouldn’t … but maybe that’s just me. Keeping things in the catalog correctly is best.

I believe you should try to get an exemption …


I know what you mean. The more I’ve looked into it though, I’ve seen brands like this:
Pokemon Base Set (234)
Pokemon Center (500)
Pokemon Expedition (58)
Pokemon Fossil (100)
Pokemon Gym Challenge (102)
Pokemon Gym Heroes (151)
Pokemon Jungle (137)
Pokemon Korea (23)
Pokemon Neo Destiny (65)
Pokemon Neo Discovery (34)
Pokémon (38)
Pokémon EX Diamond & Pearl (37)
Pokémon EX Ruby & Sapphire (29)
Pokémon Legends Awakened (34)

and more…

They require a letter, though for exemption.


There are also several Companies that Sell Bogus UPC codes that do not work. It’s in the Company you pick. They need to say something like guaranteed to work or never used. They are out there and if your doing a generic search on Google, it’s one of the one’s closest to the top on the very first pages.


Also, instead of typing in the UPC codes, type in the name of the item exactly as it is written on the package. It will hopefully bring up several selections to chose from then.


One problem I run into occasionally is the last digit on a product’s UPC - the check digit - is incorrect. I run it through a UPC checker without the last digit to determine whether it’s correct and if not, correct it.

Reference: https://www.upcdatabase.com/checkdigit.asp

Also, you might want to get familiar with how UPCs are structured.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Product_Code#Numbering


What is the product?


don’t assume that Amazon has rejected the UPC code you tried to use. it must be formatted correctly. Try adding a zero to the beginning and/or a zero to the end. It often takes me several tries to get one of my purchased UPCs to work, but I have never failed to get one to work. But then I don’t buy them on ebay.

The UPC issue is complex. Basically any UPC code created before August 2002 is a valid code that can be bought and sold. Codes after that date can only be leased from GS1 and Amazon will not accept those unless your name matches the lessor’s name.

Here is an explanation of the situation from a professional online bar code retailer.

+All of the barcode numbers we sell originated from the UCC or Uniform Code Council, now known as GS1. Previously when a company needed barcodes they went to that company and they outright purchased what was called a company prefix. Each prefix makes 100,000 barcode numbers. After time the UCC tried to go back and charge renewal fees on the numbers they had already sold outright. A civil suit was filed and the UCC lost. That gave the prefix owners the right to do whatever they want with their prefixes including splitting them up and selling their prefixes. After the lawsuit settled the UCC changed its name to GS1 so they could implement the new rules and fees.+

+GS1 is a company that operates as a non-profit and chooses to make their database public information. They are not a governing agency as they try to portray themselves. There isn’t a governing agency over barcodes. Since GS1 is a company they are not required to update their GEPIR database to reflect new ownership of the barcode numbers. It would be the same if you were to go buy a washer from a home appliance store and then sell it in a garage sale. The store isn’t going to go back and update their records to show who you sold it to, they only care about who they sold it to and that’s the same way GS1 works. If you were to buy barcode numbers from us and if you look those numbers up in GS1’s public database known as GEPIR, you would see the name of the original purchaser. That would be the name of the person or the company that bought the barcodes directly from the UCC, now known as GS1. It would not be the reseller’s name. It would not show Speedy Barcodes, LLC.+

+No matter how many times you request GS1 to update their records to the new information they will refuse to do so. They will even go as far as to deny the civil suit and they will tell you that they still control all barcode numbers even though they lost control of all of the numbers that were issued by the UCC prior to August 28, 2002. We have attached a copy of the settlement agreement for your records.+

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