Unified account inventory reports mismatch


We have a Unified North America Account, selling the same items on .com and .ca. We created the SKUs as Unique offers in CA so that our inventory counts stay separate.
We Ran the MWS report “GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA” and we are finding a few discrepancies:

For ASIN XXXXX, we created a SKU called XXXXX for .com and XXXXX-CA for Canada. On the Report generated via the API, we are getting only one of these SKUs (The XXXXX-CA SKU) with wildly inaccurate data for the FBA inventory count. For some ASINs it does bring back both the .COM and .CA unique skus but same FBA inventorylevels for both which is incorrect.

When we run the “Manage FBA Inventory” report manually through seller central Fulfillment reports, depending on which marketplace is selected, we are seeing the inventory displaying incorrectly.

For example, if the report was generated while the Canada marketplace is selected, we see the Inventory for both the .com SKU and the .ca SKU show up as the QTY that we have in FBA Canada, and vice versa.

We tried the other MWS reports that give back FBA inventory levels and the same results. Whethr we specify the MarketplaceID or not in the api calls is irrelevant as well. Whether left blank or specifying CA or USA, same results.

Any ideas out there?


I’m having a similar issue. Did you figure this out?


Unfortunately not. They said this is expected behavior and do not have a report yet available that separates by market place which makes no sense to me. IN the meantime I am trying to get approval to open a standalone Canada account instead and this will solve it as the data will not be linked. But, that has ben lingering for 2 weeks with no response…so for now Im not selling on the Canada marketplace which is a shame.


This is such a pain and totally wrong.


Reports aren’t separated by marketplaces but regions instead. If you provide a marketplace id it will aggregate the data for that region. Below is the list of regions.



Thanks but doesn’t seem that’s how they handle it.

E.g. I’m looking at a seller account that sells in US, but does not sell in CA.
When I pull the number directly from the API for US instock, it shows 100.
CA should b 0, but when I change the marketplace ID to CA one, it shows up as 100.

Hence, unified accounts are combined into one lump value.
Same across Europe.
Product is only listed on UK, but when pulling Germany data, shows the exact number as UK.


snorainier is correct. Amazon support confirmed to me that this is a bug and its including all regions inventory no matter which market place you request for. Two months ago they told me they were working on a fix…

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