Unfairly suspended listing due to price gouging


Not sure what to do here. Was selling an item for $XX and have been selling it for this long since October of 2019. No customer complaints due to price, unit sold steadily.

Restocked the product and could no longer sell for $XX due to fair pricing which made no sense. I’ve sold it for $XX well before the outbreak but alright, I’ll play Amazons game. Seller Support said to check ‘Fix Price Alerts’ which was empty. So I have no idea what Amazon deems a “fair price”. So I started lowering the price about $1 - $2 until the system accepted and let me get the buy box back, cool.

Then, not even 3 days later, I received a listing violation and the listing is blocked due to ‘Price Gouging’. On top of this, I placed an order for several hundred units because I figured Amazon accepted my price point and we’re good to go. Now I’m stuck with several hundred units because of Amazons pricing bot.

Instead of an appeal, I disputed the case using 90 and 180 day averages, showing data and graphs proving that the price I sold at does not constitute price gouging and I’ve never had any customer complaints due to the price. I understand going after real price gougers but this is ridiculous. Now i’m out thousands of dollars and not sure what to do.The email said it would take 3 days to get back to me but I still haven’t heard anything.

Amazon, please fix your bots. Why was my listing suspended after you, Amazon, accepted my price point? If that’s not an acceptable price point then tell me what is. There was nothing under pricing health or fix price alerts. I’m all for working with Amazon on this but being kept in the dark and then being punished for being kept in the dark is not acceptable.


Same situation.

In fact, we’re the cheapest compared to all competitors and still the listing is blocked


We’re in a similar situation, but were forced to raise prices because our supplier raised their equipment costs + we paid extra to have it expedited internationally.

We have proof of the higher product costs, but are left wondering - does this matter at all to AMZ?



were you suspended straight up or did you get the
“Urgent: Amazon selling account under review” email first?


Which still makes no sense because the ‘ASP’ of my product is the price I was selling for. Average 180 day price was $XX and my price was $XX and this was back in October before the outbreak. Furthermore, the listing was originally suppressed due to ‘fair pricing violation’ so i lowered the price until the system deemed it acceptable and then 3 days later the listing was suspended. If that price wasn’t fair, then the Amazon system should have told me so and not reactivated my listing.


My accounts fine, only the listing got suspended and I got hit with a listing policy violation under account health.


I just got this email “Urgent: Amazon selling account under review” for fair pricing


Do you have a lot of pricing violations? I only had one.


4 but the pricing is in line with MSRP I’m still worried…
Did you have to submit a POA?


Same situation here. We raise the price by a couple dollars from what we were selling it before. But in no way did I see that as price gouging. I had to submit a POA with which I submitted my invoice and explanation but have yet to see the listing unblocked. I’m scared about our future because our costs went up. We thought we were helping by filling a need in high demand, working when others cannot, sometimes late at night, for which I thought we would get rewarded. But now I think maybe it would be better to wait until things calm down than lose all my selling privileges.


It gave me the option to submit a POA or a dispute. I submitted a dispute as a POA would make me acknowledge I did something wrong when I haven’t. Said it would take 3 business days to hear back but haven’t heard anything yet.


Let me know if the POA works out since I went the dispute route. Trying to keep POA as a final resort.

Definitely more on edge lately as you never know which way the sword swings. Even if you follow policy…


Do you know where I can get data for past sold prices?


There’s extensions you could use. Don’t know if I can mention them here but if you search “amazon historical prices” on google, you’ll find a few options.


The same thing happened to me and that was my first time selling this item.I’m trying to see if I can get it removed.

Listing Violation
Important information regarding price gouging

It’s likely that was your 72 hour warning to submit a POA. Did they accept your dispute? If not you should work on a POA.


What category are you selling in?


I had 7 violations for my UK account. I appealed for all the 7 ASINs one by one showing cost break up and all 7 listings were reinstated. Don’t ignore the warnings. here is break up of the costs. One of the listings had a quantity error and I submitted a POA via appeal button.

Selling Price 8.82
Amazon Fee 1.32
Product Cost 1.90
Shipping| 2.32
Shipping Surcharge 1.26
Picking & packing 0.90
Net Profit 1.09

for USA we have deactivated our listings as product cost, shipping cost and employment cost have increased and it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with policy warnings. It’s sad as we sell essentials and for many of them there are no sellers as either they have activated holiday settings or don’t have access to stock.


I was under the assumption that when you submit POA you have to explain the steps you took to make sure it doesn’t occur again which pretty much means admitting fault. Is that not the case with a POA? Can you actually go into detail explaining how you’re not at fault?