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Hello, Here is my problem. I have built a software that will download everyday FBA orders (_GET_AMAZON_FULFILLED_SHIPMENTS_DATA_) using RequestReport, GetReportRequestList, and GetReport API.

I’ve noticed that the GetReportRequestList call sometimes returns _CANCELLED_ as the processing status. I know that will happen when I make a repetitive call (RequestReport, GetReportRequestList) from the link below:

But I am 100% sure I request a single FBA order report once for every customer everyday. After investigation, I found that those customers for who my software failed to download report used another third-party software that also download order report everyday. Is that possible I make a call that is exactly the same with other calls (RequestReport, GetReportRequestList) issued by those third party software?

How can I download the FBA orders report in this situation?

I am sorry if my questiong is silly. I do google a lot but can’t find a solution. Any help or reference will be appreciated.

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Yup. Before you request reports you should check GetReportRequestList to see when the last time that report type was requested

You should also get all the requests that are recent (say within the last hour or so) for that report instead of just the last one. That way you can download one of the previously requested reports if the last one failed or was cancelled.


thank you so much for your reply. But how can I find the “previous” request_report_id? I don’t know how to check all those “previous” requests and find out the one similar to or the same as my request :frowning:

let’s say, if other software requests an FBA order report from 1/25/2019 04:00 am to 1/26/2019 06:00 am first, and then I make a request, but I only need data exactly between 1/25/2019 05:00 am and 1/26/2019 05:00, how can I do this? It seems that it will return “_CANCELLED_” as processing status and I don’t know the previous request id also :(.

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