Unconfirmed Shipping Address


Why does Amazon let anyone order stuff from sellers without even confirming their address. Amazon needs to understand that it hurts sellers ratings; and some buyer doesn’t even reply even you message them a couple of times and wait 7 days. Then we have to cancel the order and write an email to seller support to explain them why we canceled the order.

Is there any better way to handle this?


You just ship to the address provided.
If you purchase your postage from Amazon then Amazon will take care of any A-Z claim for item not received without it affecting your account.


I use Dazzle which is similar to what you are using. If you mark your shipments “signature confirmation required” which is like $3 extra. Then amazon will protect you because USPS will have all the information about the order.


Amazon specifically allows buyers flexibility in the addresses for shipment to make it easy to send gifts.

Sellers who can provide proof of delivery (which requires a signature) have always been protected from loss by Amazon policy. Sellers who can provide proof of shipment have been protected from stolen credit card and fraudulent use claims. And under the new policy sellers who buy their shipping through Amazon shipping are protected from INR A-Z claims.

Confirmed shipping address is a PayPal concept which is similar to but not identical to credit card address verification. It is not as friendly to legitimate buyers, and sellers still get orders with unconfirmed addresses and it primarily serves to reduce PayPal exposure to buyer fraud at the expense of some number of legitimate sales or increased seller risk.



I understand Amazon will protect me if i have the package marked for signature confirmation; however I don’t understand how some buyer get through the system with incomplete shipping address. Like in some orders street number is missing or name. I am not going to post an actual address, but I have unshipped orders with double street address.

For example:

23rd t st 42 newyork ave .

I looked them up on google map, but those two streets are 5-10 miles far away from each other.

If I ship the order and the buyer wouldn’t receive it then he still can leave a negative feedback. Why do sellers have to go through a lengthy process to get one thing right. When they can simply ask buyer to provide a proper address. Anyway I am going to take your advice and ship the orders because buyers are not replying to me and I cant wait more.

Thanks Everyone for the help :slight_smile: you guys are the best


Too many people don’t know their address or can’t write it down correctly. When I was younger, it was taught in schools. We sent a card we addressed though the mail and were required to return it for credit.


I actually just got off the phone with seller support about this issue. I have a customer that gave an invalid address and he wanted me to send the order to a different address in a different state. According to Amazon policy I cannot do that. I reached out 11 times via e-mail and voice mail with no response. So now it has affected my metrics so that I cannot now re-apply for Fine Jewelry! There is NO way around this according to Amazon. My choices are cancel it and it goes against the pre-cancellation rate or let it go and it goes against my late shipment rate. Either way, since my sales are almost non-existent due to waiting on my re-application, just 1 issue sends me over the limit. I should have just sent it to the new address and called it a day. Very frustrating that I am affected this way by following Amazon policy. The pre-cancellation metric is for not having stock NOT being undeliverable. Amazon customer support had no response to this.


which means you are not protected at all.


If you believe there is an issue with a buyer’s address, contact them.
Amazon covers us now when we purchase shipping through them.

This matter is taken care of for you.


If I use shipping software such as shippingeasy, does amazon still cover it? …or would I need to purchase the shipping directly from amazon? I prefer to use aother shipping company that works with amazon, because the shipping is a lot cheaper


In my experience if you dont have a signature confirmation that the customer received the item you will lose the A-Z claim and be fully responsible. Tracking doesnt protect from not received.

If address is in doubt I would just get the extra signature confirmation option for a couple bucks.


Basically nobody has the answer to this question because even if I ship to incomplete address with signature confirmation; the item is going to come back and amazon will refund the money or will ask me to send it again.

I marked this question answered because pros are repeating the same thing that seller support told me. When I asked them like what if the item comes back, they were like you will need to send it back to the right address.

Yeah right? spend more money on shipping. When there is a simple fix; just ask the buyer to confirm their shipping address before placing any order.


If you can place an order on amazon using your credit card information. I pretty sure you can write down your address.


if the address is incomplete the item is going to come back even if you have signature comfirmation


If the item is returned to you then you would of course refund the customer withholding the shipping that the customer paid.
If you sold it with free shipping then you are allowed to withhold up to 20% restocking fee to cover your expenses.

There should be nothing to defend in this case but if the customer does file an A-Z for your holding these costs then the claim will be denied and will still not count against you. (I personally have had experience with this several times and have always had the claim denied)


If the item comes back, it is not delivered. No Amazon protections apply.

Easy to answer.


There is this long way the one you mentioned; and there is another simple way. Just don’t let the system process the order until the buyer put a proper shipping address. One time i got a shipping order from NYC and the address was something like this.

123 “yo amiego st”
city, NY zipcode

the street name was exactly like this.


a verified address or they do not get to claim INR


You are making this WAY too hard. In 7 years of selling, I have only had to message about goofy addresses a handful of times. Usually, they tried to update the delivery address but didn’t write over the old one so we had a mishmash of addresses.

Otherwise, ship it.

Save money with whatever shipping system you use or use Amazon’s and pay a little more but have protection.

Your call.


I agree. Amazon should confirm the Ship To Address at time of order. Shipping software does it a in a matter of seconds. So it shouldn’t be an inconvenience to customers.

I believe a bigger customer inconvenience is not receiving there order when they expected it.

And yes, for whatever reason customers do not typically respond to Amazon email for an address correction.

We can go for months without an undeliverable address, and then have 3 or 4 in a day. They are painful to resolve.

We typically try to look up the customer in the white pages or Google. Sometimes we get lucky … other times not so much.

Our last resort is to buy shipping through Amazon knowing we will probably get the product back. Of course, disappointing the customer but you don’t get a metric ding.

Once you get the product back you have to refund the customer. You can withhold outbound shipping ( of course again disappointing the customer ). If you shipped UPS, you will get charged both outbound and return shipping. Now do you withhold 2x the original shipping paid by the customer?

Good luck … hope the order gets to your customer.

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