Unauthorised sellers selling my product - what should I do?


A number of other unauthorised sellers are selling my products at twice my listed price. I have complained to Amazon and they say they can’t stop them. When a customer clicks on Size, the other unauthorised sellers come up - customers are not even shown my listing!

What does every one think? I don’t see any point in continuing to waste money paying for the monthly Canadian markeplace fee and storage and paying for a Canadian advertising campaign when Amazon lets other unauthorised sellers keep stealing my customers. I am wasting my money.

Does any one have an opinion, do you agree I would be better off to pull out of the Canadian marketplace or is there any view point or solution?

The unauthorised companies are DC Traders, Urban Inspirations, and Northern Shipments.

Please help me.


Is your brand registered on Amazon,if yes,you can do test buy to ask Amazon to remove other sellers.


If you own the brand or manufacture the travel bra.
Send the sellers a Cease and Desist letter via a buyer account.

State you are the Brand owner the brand is a registered trademark of XXX
This test buy is required by Amazon SP to confirm your listing is in violation of Amazon Policy
If the item received is not XXX including materials, packaging, branding and country of manufacture. We will escalate this issue to Amazon.
Then quote Amazons listing policy of the item must be 100% the same as the item listed
List the item title and the ASIN at the bottom or top of the message.

If still on the listing after 24 hours. Do a test buy from a buyer account if the item received is not the item listed report a policy violation under item does not match the listing . Do not use the words trademark or copyright when you report the violation or it will get bounced to legal

Then open a return request for item not a described after you have filed your case.

If you do not own the brand if you are not the manufacture or have a trademark do not send the Cease and Desist.

Best to use a po box for the test buys if possible.


My brand is registered in Australia and I am trying to get brand registration with Amazon. They keep saying no and yet I have official Australian trademarking. I will continue to pursue this. Thank you.


Another option would be to read this thread and see if it applies to the sellers on your listing.


I had the same issue as you, but just disregard them as their price is twice or triple of our price.
buyer would never buy from them,I think. And I didn’t do anything but now all are gone,


Yes I am definitely the inventor, manufacturer and brand owner. Because these unauthorised sellers are doubling my price I assume that if they get a sale they intend to purchase the product off me and then resell it to their purchaser. I notice they have a month long delivery time.

Sorry, can you explain what you mean by “This test buy is required by Amazon SP to confirm your listing is in violation of Amazon Policy”?

Also, if I do a test buy - which I assume you mean I should purchase one as a customer and get them to send it to me - it will cost me $178!! for each product and there are three unauthorised sellers! Total over $500! So it would be very expensive to do test buys from them - also I live in Australia.

My product only sells for $79 - so sales that I would otherwise get I am missing out on because the customer only sees these hyped up offers and my customer thinks my product is way too expensive and they don’t even see that I am selling the real thing for only $79.

I don’t even understand what these sellers are doing to be able to show up as the first option for a customer to buy my product from them?



I met the same issues with these sellers, I don’t think they have their own stocks, and I don’t even think they are human being,they are robot. since their selling price is high, if the buyer place order from them, I think they will purchase from you and send to their customers, just guess that.


You must register your brand / trademark in US or Canada if you want to have the authority for them in US or Canada. Or your brand is your brand only in Australia.


So you have to prove to amazon the item they are selling is not the item you have listed. To do this you buy the item photograph and document the differences and submit it to Amazon seller performance (SP) Under item listed against the details page. Include your order ID number the items name Sellers names that are in violation and a Link to sellers store front.

Then open a return under item not as described Amazon policy states the have to accept the return and issue a full refund for the item. If they do not accept the return then you file a Ato Z claim. Stating they did not accept the return or provide the return label.
State in the AtoZ that you are the owner of the brand and it was a text buy required by Amazon SP policy.

Note You cannot leave feedback or a review for this purchase or you will get in trouble.

If they order from you to fill the order there really is nothing you can do.
When you do the test buy
They will leave or no item will ever ship or you will get an empty box.

If you do nothing they will think no one is enforcing the item and one day you will have multiple sellers at 9.99 and free shipping they will bottom the price out and the reviews will destroy the item.

You are the only one responsible for protecting your brand you have to take the steps to prove it to Amazon. They will not do anything without a Test buy,

Right now those sellers are most likely just place holders collecting data on that page seeing how many views Etc


Yes I think that is what they would do which would be OK except that the customer doesn;t make a purchase becuase they consider the price too high and they never get to see my price because for some reason these other sellers show up as the preferred seller.


really? I am thinking then it is just better to pull out of Canada altogether. I don;t have this problem on the USA or UK marketplaces and do good sales on these marketplaces, but the Canadian experience is miserable!


Im almost positive they wont we have removed hundreds from our listings over the years. We check them every morning first thing it sucks.
These people have no ethics most likely nothing will ever ship if you order, its a pure scam. Our C&D letter normally gets it done.

Amazon has a pricing algorithm if a listing has most seller selling for 100 and one guys selling for 1.00 the 1.00 will be suppressed because of the major price difference compared to the majority. The price difference has to be substantial for that to be the case.

Check under your inventory and see if its suppressed or buy box eligible or flags for pricing.


great advice, thank you I will do all that!


Ah! I see - OK thank you I will do all that! My God - this is all so complicated!!!


They definitely don;t have their own stocks. I have a patent on the design and it took me two years to design and manufacture the product, so they definely don;t have a copy. The MOQs for production would make it impossible for them to copy my product profitably.


Are you still able to send Cease and Desist letters to other sellers through Buyer-Seller messaging? Lately, when I try it never shows in the Sent Messages list. A month ago it still worked and would show in my Sent Messages list.

Also, have you had luck with Seller Performance actually removing hijackers after reporting the violation from test buys lately? I can’t seem to get a response.

Just wondering what you have been experiences since it sounds like you have to deal with hijackers alot!


You should receive a thank you we will look into it message. We make sure we do the contacting and the test buys via a buyer only account vs our seller account. We also email SP direct from our company email to file the violation.

Normally we go with listed against the details page Vs trademark or IP infringement for violation type .


Thanks for the info. Are you 2.0 brand registered? If you are, just wonder if SP is only taking care of the issue for 2.0 brand registered seller’s products


Yes I am 2.0. I haven’t had to file a violation since 2.0. It looks like when you log on to your brand registry there is an option to contact the registry dept about a violation. I haven’t had to try it yet so not sure how it works or if they just redirect it to SP.

We got invited to the new transparency program that will be another way to protect the brand. Still waiting on more info on that.