Unable to submit application for approval SPDC300


Unable to submit application for approval SPDC300

We are trying to create a new application using the SP API docs. We following the guide on Github.

We have followed the directions very carefully and have developer id setup, created the LWA credentials, and setup the app listing in draft mode. We are able to successfully test the credentials with our app with the parameter version=beta

We are at the point we want to submit the application for approval, we get the error message “Something went wrong Please try again at a later time If the problem persists, please contact Seller Support and provide them with the following information: SPDC300”

How do we successfully submit our application for approval and eventual publishing for out customers to utilize?

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Did you solve the problem?
I am getting same error and try to solve that.



We had HTML in some of the listing input fields. We were advised to remove that. I have not tested the fix as of yet, but you may want to verify if you have any special characters or HTML in your listing.