Unable to remove FBA feedback


I just received a negative feedback from a customer whos order was filled and shipped FBA. I am unable to remove the feedback as well. Amazon’s response to me was to contact the customer and ask them to remove it.


Same thing yesterday. They sent the wrong item. I got 1 star. They are claiming - even though it was FBA that it wasn’t their fault. URGH!!!


I am a new seller and I only have 6 feedbacks, one of which is a negative. The order was fulfilled by amazon. Buyer said the item was damaged, the FBA support even said that they believe I sent the item undamaged, but I need to contact the buyer to remove the feedback. I thought if the item was FBA the feedback would be removed for something like this?

I’ve refunded the buyer, and messaged them, but haven’t got a response. Meanwhile, in their feedback they said they left me a message, but I haven’t got one. Help me out Amazon.


"I did not receive item order. "

Feedback Removal team’s response:

“I am sure that you send the correct item(s) to the buyers but in this case, it may have happened in error. As we are unable to verify the details related to article sent to the buyer, we would need to go by what the buyer has stated in the feedback.”

Why is Amazon no longer adhering to their own feedback policy?

What happened to bin checks?

Why is a self-initiated bin check not admissible as evidence to the Feedback Removal team?


I have received multiple of the same. It appears if the feedback doesn’t say “The order was not delivered” then they are assuming that the buyer received the wrong item and they will not remove the feedback or bin check to verify that your inventory is correct.

I’m guessing they don’t have a template to choose from that says “we refuse to check your inventory and verify your items match the listing.” and that is why they are sending the response that they are sending.


Same issue here. Bottom line…Amazon is failing to follow their own policy. Moderators…please help us with a solution.


Merchant Fulfilled.


We are experiencing the same issue! The responses from the SS that everyone mentioned in this thread is exactly what we’re getting as well. Some SS are clueless while some are helpful and agree that it’s an FBA order and Amazon should take full responsibility for it and remove the feedback, but when they open an inbound case, it gets rejected. What is this feedback removal team? It seems like a secretive team that hides out in a cave and isn’t following Amazon’s guidelines for feedback removal.


Here’s more of the Feedback team not following Amazon’s FBA feedback removal policies:


“The product I ordered came out of the packaging and shattered into several pieces.”

Removal Team Response:

We’re unable to remove this feedback because buyer received damaged product.



Can we please have someone from the Mod team look at this? We’re getting desperate. Multiple Amazon departments are not aligned in polices. SS is saying feedback needs to be removed, the next feedback team says its not going to be removed. There’s no way to reach the feedback team directly and I cannot appeal the decision.

Has the Amazon policy changed? If so, there has been no communication. As far as we’re aware, the same policy is in place and the Amazon feedback team is failing to acknowledge it.


I just received a negative feedback from a customer who’s order was filled and shipped FBA. Candy that was sent to California (wildfies) and arrived melted. I am unable to remove the feedback as well. Amazon’s response to me was to contact the customer and ask them to remove it. Mods please help!!!


Are you trying to imply the wildfires somehow melted your candy?



Here’s another example:

I ordered the item shown above. Instead, I received a completely different product.

Feedback Team’s Response:

We’re unable to remove this feedback as buyer received a product which is not as advertised

This will likely play out as it usually does:

  • We’ll request a bin check of the merchandise and receive confirmation that it matches our listing.
  • Next, we’ll reopen the feedback removal case referencing the bin check case.
  • Lastly, we’ll receive a response 2 minutes later stating “We’re unable to remove this feedback as buyer received a product which is not as advertised”.

What a broken system.


Not sure exactly what melted the candy. But generally when there are wild fires, temperatures tend to rise.


Same thing happened to us a week ago. Customer left negative feedback claiming they received a different product than they ordered. Requested feedback removal and it was immediately denied. Opened an appeal and it was denied in about 2 minutes.

In the customer’s feedback, they are very specific as to the product they received. We have never sold this product either through FBA or Merchant Fulfilled. We have never listed it on Amazon in our 11 year history. Something is very broken.


Same JUST happened to me. Received feedback for a product that’s in an entirely different category than what i sell. I’ve never sold this product or even sold in this category.

Of course feedback would not removed automatically.


Can we please receive some help. I will have to email the executive team next and I would hate having to do that over something like feedback.


And to add insult to injury, 95% of our orders are FBM. Over the 60 day ODR window we had only 60 FBA orders. So this 1 negative feedback has our FBA ODR at 1.75% and this big, fat message on our Seller Dashboard “Alert Your Account Is At Risk of Deactivation”. When you click on it it shows a FBA ODR of 1.75% and a FBM ODR of 0.00% (over 1,210 orders).

I have called SS support 4 times, and emailed Seller-Performance@Amazon.com 3 times. All 4 calls to SS the rep said this feedback should be removed. I have zero response from the Seller-Performance emails.

All I can do is keep trying and get this documented in the system through all the cases that have been opened (and closed…) Ugh


OK, no more calling SS about this issue. Just got the nastygram that other sellers have mentioned.

Apparently continuing to try to resolve this issue (very politely and professionally btw) may result in account deactivation.

So, having a “Alert Your Account Is At Risk of Deactivation” due to 1 FBA negative feedback on a product we have never inventoried or sold for 11 years selling an Amazon, and contacting Amazon to try to resolve this issue, may result in account deactivation (?).

Our policy has always been to focus on the customer. We are not complainers - in fact this is only the 2nd time I have posted on Seller Forums. But something is broken and I hope this gets fixed soon or we are going to have to pull out of FBA completely,

Fortunately, we are also SFP so many customers will still be able to use their Prime accounts. However, our products are heavy with larger box dimensions. This limits our SFP geographic regions. We use FBA to fill the geographic gaps for Prime customers. We want to make our products available nationwide with 2 day or less shipping. Isn’t this the core of the Amazon business model?

I am hopeful this will get corrected soon.


We’ve also noticed this lately. Unless the customer’s feedback is strictly regarding the shipping service provided by Amazon such as “Item not received” or “Delivered late” the feedback will be retained.

The buyer’s negative feedback about receiving a different item, an empty envelope, or packaged poorly item have all been counted against our account despite them being Fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon representatives that handle feedback removals seem too careless to even review the details we provide. If they were to spend a minute or two, they could easily tell the complaint is not due to the seller.

This concern needs to be raised as it will greatly impact all sellers, regardless of size, on Amazon.


I was losing the buy box even though I had a lower price and wondered if the negative feedback was why so I took a leap and requested removal and it was actually entirely removed automatically. Woo!

The feedback had three parts. Claimed empty envelope, no communication, and that I was a scammer and not to buy from me. Being FBA and the fact that they had already contacted Amazon their refund was already issued when they left the feedback so no idea what their point was or why they didn’t understand that Amazon fulfilled it but seemed like someone just trying to get free stuff.