Unable to remove FBA feedback


Im having a hard time getting a hold of anyone myself. Going to try calling a couple departments later when I’m less busy and see if any of them know a solution. I think we should all continue updating thread so it gets more visibility and doesn’t die.


I asked a Seller Support agent, so take this with a grain of salt, and they mentioned the Feedback Removal team is only contactable via the “Manage Feedback” tool.

So, as far as I can tell, when the feedback team summarily closes cases and removes your ability to reopen the case, you have no recourse.


I believe they changed the feedback system and outsourced it to a single place which has 100% control of feedback removal. I honestly think this company is being EXTREMELY biased


at least, that would be our educated conjecture…


You are probably right. I am just hoping they change the algorithm and Amazon’s AI gods can have mercy on us sellers.


Keep the thread alive and bump for more visibility. Someone has got to have an answer.



The only answer I was given was to “convince the customer to remove the feedback”. yeah ok! After they get their refund, they dont care anymore.


I received this negative review “all the liqued had leaked out by the time I got it. I will be unable to use it. Not sure why haven’t had problems with other products.”

When I opened the case, the customer service rep said that this was a fulfillment issue and that the review would be removed. 2 days later and the review is still there. I’ve been going in circles and circles as well. Who can I contact?


Unfortunately, Amazon thinks their mistakes are your problems now.


I’m having the same issue. Items damaged during shipping for FBA items that are clearly under Amazon’s policy to remove since they ship the items. The Feedback team denies cases and closes them. I call to open a new case and send it to the Feedback team and they send a generic email telling me that I need to open cases under the remove feedback location even though I cannot appeal it anymore. Frustrating!


Amazon has not responded to any of the request, mods ignore, customer service ignores and any type of management does nothing. Amazon customer service for sellers and Amazon’s FCs need major work.


I’m having the exact same issue. Amazon sent the wrong product and its a negative feedback that they will not remove!! So frustrating. Let me know if you figure out a way…


I agree.


It has happened with two orders of mine. How can we escalate this?


Not much you can do other than escalate to the executive email. Sometimes it appears forum moderators will get involved when a high number of people post in a topic. If enough people come here to complain maybe it will get the attention of someone.


@Esale_18 How can do we escalate to the executive email? Thanks

Will not remove Feedback on FBA item

The point is, if the seller is continuously getting negative feedback on products that are AT SOME POINT becoming damaged in the shipping between the seller, Amazon, and then to the customer… Then the seller has some things to think about: stop selling the product, different packaging, stronger containers, stronger enclosures.


I feel like this is a good change. Too many FBA sellers were selling used and resealed items as new and amazon was removing all feedback.

If this is a new change then we all have to blame the bad sellers who took advantage of the process for years for this.


I wouldn’t be posting this here if i received negative feedback continuously. Out of the thousands of orders we did, this was the first negative feedback we received.


Same frustration with 2 orders fulfilled by Amazon with negative feedback and cannot get Amazon to strike through feedback;in the past there was no problem with Amazon taking responsibility for these types of requests and following their policy. Please help!