UL 2743 Certification for Lithium Jump Starters


Hi sellers, I received the following from Amazon product compliance referencing a lithium jump starter that I’m selling.

Did anyone else receive the same? I don’t have the UL 2743 cert but I do have UN 38.3. Is there any way around this besides paying $10K+ for the cert?

In order to sell these on Amazon, you must apply and submit the following:

  1. Your company name and seller ID ( merchant Token)/ vendor code associated to your account.

  2. Your contact information (email address and phone number) 3. Documentation evidencing that all Jump Starter you are applying to sell are certified by an ILAC ISO 17025 certified laboratory: under UL 2743 standards.

  3. Image of the product displaying the model number and manufacturer name on the product, matching the test reports and product details page.


Be very careful, if you do not get this shortly, Amazon will charge you for disposing of your inventory that is FBA.

Do you manufacturer the battery? If no, the manufacturer should have the cert.


Thank you. good reminder that I need to create a return order. Appreciate the tip. Did you have a product that needed UL 2743?


Sorry it was late when I replied. We do not currently have anything FBA.

I am remembering the Jan 1, 2020 for UN 38.3 deadline. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html/?itemID=G200383420&ref_=ag_G200383420_h_r0_cont_sgsearch


Your UL 2743 info is at https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/GGRZ8EFYCTYN7VRD


We were also worried about the $10k.

It might be too late for you but we went through the same thing with our Jumpstarter ASIN. I don’t know how common it is or will be to be asked for this regulation.

However, we ended up using a Shenzen Lab a colleague recommended and it was around $4k for us a month ago.

We sent them a unit and took them around a week to test it, once back we sent the certificate to amazon’s safety email which is: electronics-safety@amazon.com

Process was fairly easy, they allow PayPal which is nice, gives you peace of mind in case of need for a refund.

I’ll leave you their email: huacetonglab@yandex.com

You’ll see the certificate is pretty deep. More than 30 PDF pages, a way deeper test than the SDS we were used to.

Hope it works for you as well, do your research and let us know how it went!


Hey everyone, I’m now hearing that there is a 2020 version of the UL2743 cert about waterproofing. The older cert is UL2743:2015 and the new cert is UL2743:2020. Anybody know if Amazon requires the waterproofing cert or if the 2015 version is still OK?