Two or more accounts from same ip address


I tried to open a new account on amazon after having closed my first account from the same ip adress. is it true that we cant open two accounts on amazon from the same ip adress. and also cant we open a new account with the bank information and credit card as well as billing address that we have already used once in other account considering that we have already deleted the first account. I deleted my earlier account and trying to create a new account with the same information but as i created the account got suspended and i didnt get any mail or notification regarding that. what i need to do now, i want to sell on amazon . any help or suggestions please


One account per household without special permission. And you really have to have a good reason for a second account


i have already deleted my other account and just using only one account now. what i need to do now… can anyone help


You cannot open a second account with the same info as a closed account.

If your first account was suspended, you cannot open another account at all.

Contact seller support.


Getting around a suspension isn’t as simple as just changing your seller name and reentering the same contact and credit information. That would make suspensions pointless.

Even if you did manage to somehow create a new account, my guess is that you’d do something obvious to get caught (like asking for help to fool Amazon on Amazon) and have your funds withheld. So Id just save yourself the time.


Was your first account suspended? The comment is unclear. You say you deleted it; how did you go about doing this?

Have you directly commented Amazon regarding this issue?


You need to reactivate your old account. There is no way to delete an account and start a new one.

Log into your old account and see if you can use it. You might not be able to any longer because you attempted to open a second account.

Explain what you mean by “deleted my other account.” How did you “delete” it?

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Contact Seller Support and explain the situation, that you closed your old account and wish to sell again.


You posted 2 days ago that your account was suspended. If your first account was suspended, any future accounts you open will also be suspended.


Well, that changes things.

Goodbye. You won’t sell on Amazon again.


i tried to reactivate that too but i am unable to do so asit it saying that no account is there with this info… so what cAN i do now ??


what if i open a account with total different info and same ip address


Regardless, you need to contact Seller Support if you even want a prayer of a chance of re-establishing your old account. Continuing to try and do end runs around this issue will only get you a permanent ban from the River.


M just asking what i can do now to sell here on amazon


yes that was suspended. but about that i neither get any reason specifying why i got suspended. i did mail them but got no response. so i deleted tht and opened a new account and tht got new suspended too .


Your first account was suspended is what you say. Any account you open in the future will be suspended no matter how you try to open it. Every account you open will be linked to your suspended account. You can’t get around it.

the only chance you have to sell on Amazon is to get your first account reinstated. You can ask for help on this forum if you like. Amazon will not answer your questions.

There is no way to close an account. All accounts are active and you can’t close them on your own.

Just like there is no do over in life, there is no do over on Amazon. Once you screwed up, you can’t start all over again.

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If you closed your first account voluntarily, you need to contact Amazon to reopen it.

If Amazon suspended your first account, then there is nothing you can do.

You cannot just open a second account Willy nilly. You get one Amazon seller account per lifetime/household, unless you can make a very good business case to Amazon for needing a second.


And they will keep suspending them. You don’t get to just start over on Amazon. If you didn’t successfully appeal the suspension, then you cannot sell here. Not everyone can, Amazon is picky.


Do you think if you keep trying to open accounts Amazon will change their mind? Reversing a suspension isn’t going to be as simple as just asking.

I’m guessing that you did receive notification but missed it. I’d search again.


Hello moxs005,

The sellers who replied to your post are correct.

You may not have more than one selling account. If you let the account lapse, and it was in good standing, you can begin using that account again.

However, if your first account was suspended, which you said it was in an earlier post to the forums, then you may not open another selling account.