Two existing listings (book) now require approval. What?






This relates back to the thread a while back where everybody had to take these out of their inventory because the mothership company out of Utah, filed an infringement… they also make Franklin planners… the author is dead, but the publishing machine under the Helm of his son still goes on…

The deceased author has some very very interesting ideas --and ties to the prime religion is practiced in Salt Lake City…

I can’t read it very well because I’m on a mobile device and the type is very small, if you open up the book look at the publisher and do a Google search you will see the thread on Amazon…

Will Ingram let you return them? Because you can’t sell them here it’s not even worth the time…

Notice: Policy Warning Trademark Infringement - General … - Amazon › sellercentral

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Infringement type: Trademark (Product Packaging, Word Mark, Logo … Complaint ID: 5831472781 … (among others) IPR currently held by Franklin Covey Co.


The Franklin Covey book is a complete error and was withdrawn:

Not sure about the second book.

Certain "Popular" Book Listings Blocked

They ARE listed under their ISBN. I have over 3600 total inventory listings of which 1700 are active listings. All but a handful all are ISBN coded. (Both on Amazon and my inventory database)

The question here is: Why does Amz deactivate a valid product (probably incorrectly) without notification or recourse.

But, thanks for your thoughts and the time you took to reply.



@Rushdie Long time no see!
Thanks Buddy! Yes I was aware. However, I got this message from seller support and foolishly thought all had been corrected :slight_smile: Silly me!

" Hello,
We reinstated the following content:

ASIN: 0762408332, 0671708635, 0684857162, 1471131823, 1476764689
Infringement type: Trademark (Product Packaging, Word Mark, Logo & Design)
Trademark number: USPTO 3569490
Complaint ID: 5831472781

You can view your account performance ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

– iOS:
– Android:…;hl=en
Seller Performance Team"


Thanks! I was aware. But, I got a note from support that my listing had been reinstated. See my reply to Rushdie below.
I guess I can pull them… And, yes, Ingram will let me return them. What a way to run a Billion $$ business!


At least 18 attorneys are scrambling to make screen shots of that one.


The same thing happened to us with the book “the Whole 30”. We sold it for several years and now all of a sudden we need approval to sell it. I contacted Seller Support and they said there was nothing they could do, that we have to get approval from the publisher. We are Pro sellers and this is the only book we have ever been refused approval to sell.


@WGB Thanks! I’ll try Seller Support again.
I have permission to sell it. I proved I bought them (with invoices), The seller support team reinstated the listing on March 28th and now this. Having Amazon correcting their own mistakes shouldn’t be this hard. SIGH! We’ll adapt & move on… This multi-billion $$$ business has been displaying a lot of incompetence lately.

Rushdie shared that the issue isn’t with Franklin Covey and here is what Amazon sent me:


I now have at least 6 inactive due to “approval” (out of 1700). Which ain’t bad, I guess. :slight_smile: Most have been inactivated recently (last month or so).

Check your inventory page & select the new “inactive” tab and then filter for “approval required”. Hope you aren’t as surprised as I was.


Incredible Rushdie, absolutely incredible.
It is amazing to me how incompetent Amazon is.
Look at all the sellers who are affected.
Look at the lack of response from Amazon to the publishes attorney.


Amazon seems to be discouraging the sale of physical books in general. This is the kind of message that has become more common:

Book Ships in 1 to 3 months,




The Franklin Covey response is written in the tone of a party that is anxious about its exposure to civil liability.


I sell like books in ‘like new’ condition every day


See @Gomedia’s post here: Account suspended incorrectly for inauthentic complaint and the bottom line, which discovered, Clara Dufour, was Amazon’s test buy account:



You are right Rushdie! Pathetic and incompetent. I expect better but every day I’m proven wrong when I look for their support in growing my business. You would think that with all the resources at Amazon’s disposal, that they could “get it right” most of the time.

I also have another related issue treading water with the performance team - a restricted item notice currently impacting my metrics.

Sent from:
Hello from Amazon,
We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:
ASIN: 0609610597, SKU: LSNBooks9780609610596, Title: "The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children, Book 5)"

This product has been identified as a Rhino male enhancement supplement. Rhino male enhancement supplements are prohibited for listing or sale by Amazon policy.
For more information, please see our Help Page for dietary supplements.


Sheer incompetence! How can a book be a male enhancement health supplement? Why can’t the take-down, OBVIOUSLY incorrect, be corrected in hours or even days? If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable!



I had this happen to a few of my books I was selling. I got in contact with seller central because all of the books that had been suppressed weren’t textbooks either. I was able to get a couple changed. Just try pointing those out and they will take their sweet time but they could correct that. I have seen it happening a lot.


There have been other recent threads about restrictions against selling books New or Like New, not just textbooks. It seems like Amazon might be starting with popular ranking books first.

Actually, it makes sense to restrict the sale of New and Like New books unless books are ordered directly from the publisher at the time of purchase. This would serve 2 purposes: Enrich publishers and authors on new book sales and also encourage digital (Kindle) sales at the same time.

Many buyers don’t differentiate between New and Like New conditions. Sellers often tend to inflate condition of books in their inventory anyway. So it makes sense for Amazon to limit the sales of Like New Books just as well as New books. This could be just the beginning of book restrictions.

Third party sales of books has been a sore point ever since the beginning of Amazon. Now maybe authors and creatives will finally get the results they want, more money for the sale of their works.


Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis. And, it makes sense for Amazon to try to throttle competition it they buy directly from the publisher. (Which btw is what I do… using Ingram (a wholesaler) as my supplier.) Both items I listed are “new”, legally acquired for resale through the publisher, and then listed and sold on the Amazon catalog for months. There is something else at play here. I’m just not sure its incompetence or an attempt to crush competition. Either way, it is what it is…

Thanks, TJ

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