Trying to sell items as a reseller from a retailer not a distributor


Hi. I recently went to Target and found some great clearance items that I wanted to try to sell. They are electric toothbrushes. When I went to ask approval to sell they ask if I was a reseller, I clicked yes…then Amazon asked me to provide the distributor or the manufacturer that I bought it from and the invoice…
Is there a way to get around this, since I just bought the items at Target???


you should read more about selling on amazon, you cant list these items as “new”. they were new untill you checked them out at Target. then they were and still are “used”. There’s many threads on this forum about people getting suspended or listings removed due to buying the item in a manor similar to yours. sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is the facts


RA is a dangerous business to do here, lucky for you, you found out before you even got to list the item. Return the items to target and properly source items from an authorized distributor… that is the only way to run a business with as a few problems as possible.