Trying to list new product; can't get past "more details"


We’re trying to list a new item. All seems fine but we cannot get past “more details”. The red exclamation shows, but doesn’t indicate where the problem is. Thus, I will not allow us to save changes despite (seeming) to have filled in all the proper details (from vital info to keywords). Is there something we’re not seeing? Any tips? Thanks!


One of the tabs should be red to given you an indication of where the error is.


Make sure you have the Advanced View set so that you can see all required fields


Hi and thanks for the responses. I really appreciate them. I actually am in the advanced tabs. And only the advanced tab is red, but there is no highlighted “error item” anywhere in the advanced item list. And even though some advanced options are not relevant, I filled them in anyway (with nonsensical values) just to see if NOT filling them in was the issue. No difference. Since posting, I went back 3 more times from and began again from step one, but I get the same results. I can’t believe I’m the only one having this trouble!


Is it possible you aren’t understanding what is meant by ‘Advanced View’? Because there’s no such thing as ‘the advanced tab’, nor is there anything called ‘advanced item list’.

When you create or edit an item, you will either see this (note: only 4 tabs are visible - Vital Info, Offer, Images, and More Details and the slider for Advanced View is in the off, or left-side position) -

Or you’ll see this (note: the Advanced View slider is “on”, and all 8 tabs are visible) -

Once in Advanced View, there should be an exclamation mark on the tab where the problem is - in this case, on the Vital Info tab. When you view that tab, the problem entry should be indicated in red, something like this -


Hey there! You are not alone! I am currently having the exact same issue and support has been MIA for days! Have you been able to find resolution? Thanks in advance!

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