Trying to List App but Save and Continue Button Does Not Work


My organization has created an account with seller central, along with the IAM user, policy, role etc. We are trying to list our app. We can register the app (with the ARN from our API user), but we cannot list the app. The save and continue button is green and “clickable”, but it doesn’t progress us forward to the pricing page. If I remove any content from one of the fields and click save and continue, it recognizes that the field is blank and gives us some red text to indicate the field is blank so the button appears to be doing that much, but not progressing us forward. We have opened a case (8111694411) and Amazon responded telling us to try removing the plus sign in the phone number (which we tried and when clicking save and continue a red validation error says the phone number is not in the right format, so we put the plus sign back in). Can anyone help us get this resolved so we can move forward? Thank you!


We’re running into the exactly the same issue. No matter what we put into the phone number field it does not let us move forward with the form.

If you figure out a resolution, please post here. I’ll let you know if we figure out any way to move forward as well.


Amazon has fixed the issue. I was able to complete the process. The guidance given was:

“Can you please click on the drop down under ‘Select the language used to provide listing information’ and re-select the language? This should fix the issue. We have identified the bug and working on a fix. Apologies for the inconvenience.”