Try FBA Liquidations and recover value from your products


Okey,i think this is good way but i want to ask a question.For example my product price 10usd .If i chose liq. amazon will pay me (%5 or %10 ) its 1 usd. And i will get this 1 usd after 60 days. Am i right?

İf i am , %10 is really low for sellers.I can change my product price 10 usd to 4 usd i can sell all my inventory fluently and i can take my 1 usd after 15 days.


Now i understand there is also referral fee and processing fee, it means i will not get 1 usd.I am keep going with my example.
My sales price : 10 usd
Contracted liquidator rate: %10 this is max = 1 usd
Referral fee = 1*0.17 = 0.17
Processing fee = 0.25
My revenue = 1 - 0.17 - 0.25 = 0.58 usd

Idea is great if i can’t sell the products.if it wasn’t for this idea i would have paid an extra fee to dispose or i would have paid an extra fee to ship to my address.It’s a really good idea for vendors like me who do all their work outside of the United States.
As a result, this idea will cost less for an unsold product than I used to pay.


So liquidators can just sell the products to another company they own and then sell on Amazon?


Now it’s talk of “liquidation”…coupled with the overwhelming drop in sales over the past few weeks, this does NOT bode well for either Amazon or we third-party merchants. Good luck with the looming recession, folks!


wow - 5% to 10% - I could donate it to charity and get the full price I paid as a tax deduction.


Hi there

Just wondering why fees are being charged on liquidation orders made before the June 1 cut off?

We can’t control the time it takes Amazon to process these.

For example, I have outstanding liquidation requests from 17th May.

Does this mean there will be fees on this even though this policy was only just announced?


You did not read well. You will not get 10%. You will get between 5 and 10% :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great way to destroy your brands reputation. Yet another fantastic idea from the machine


Minus fees…


Amazon sometimes sells off your products to liquidators when you have unsellable inventory that your getting rid of or if you opt in to get your inventory liquidated. Resellers then buy pallets of these liquidated products from these liquidators. The resellers don’t know what the majority of the items are or in what condition. They will pick up these pallets and sell off whatever they can. It’s not about how well it will sell but mostly if they can list it and if its in decent enough condition. They are not very picky since they spent very little on the pallets themselves.


Review this post and check if this is why you have a drop in sales… Why are my estimated delivery dates so far out?


Yes, I understand how liquidations work. When they did them in 2014 I did liquidations then instead of destroying old or unsellable inventory. The people who are saying “why would I want to sell my inventory for 10% of its value” are not very bright. That’s not what liquidations are for.

My comment was moody because I just spent 50 cents an item to have things removed, destroyed, etc, somewhere around 1000 items. It would have been nice to been able to liquidate those items a week ago and receive something for them, instead of having to pay for them to be destroyed, which was at my expense, hence why I made that comment.

For example, I am unable to liquidate items once I have marked them for removal or destruction. It Amazon had been communicating with us over the inventory fiasco, perhaps I could have been able to liquidate more of that money and save myself the expense of removals. That’s all I was saying.


Not true! I’ll never forget the guy that pulled up to our house one day, and said he had a truck full of T-Bone steaks at CRAZY prices.:sunglasses: His truck had no logo on it. Plain white van… If you told him 10%, he would say, WOW! I was going to take 5%! :joy::rofl::laughing:

Hey, if anybody on here has ANYTHING they want to sell for 5 cents on the dollar, give me a call. I even buy NEW TRUCKS AND CARS for 5 cents on the dollar! YES, I will buy your new $45K Ford Explorer for $3 grand. I will buy your new $35K Mustang convertible for $2 grand! That’s because Im a generous guy!!! My car is 20 year old. Im looking to upgrade!

  • This deal works for things you would otherwise throw in the dumpster. That’s the only thing you would liquidate for 10 cents on the dollar. Calculator roll tape, New in package 8 track tapes, and non electric toothbrushes all come to mind… Oh, and floppy discs. And 8megabite flash drives that will basically hold up to 3 hi res pictures! :smile:


Is there an opt out button for this feature? Amazon FBA has been stealing…ahem liquidating my inventory for quite a long time but they take like 60 days to actually give me the funds…is this normal processing time for this feature?


After 9 years of reading these threads just once I’d like to see something that helped sellers from our External Competition at Amazon lol




Some new 8 tracks are worth hundreds of dollars. Some beat up Iron Maiden 8-tracks sell for $300, and i personally sold a used copy of “Thriller” for $75. And if if i come across sealed floppy disks, i buy them. I can easily get $40-50 for a sealed 50 pack.

The calc tape and 8mb flash drives i can see, but i don’t recall anything less than 64mb - 8mb may be a collectors item


Well, if you have no other outlet, 10% is better than nothing. And certainly better than paying disposal or shipping fees. Admittedly it ain’t much.


Almost. You’re still charged a weight-based liquidation fee (Something like $0.25-$1.90 for items 1-10 lbs) and the referral fee (Amazon’s ~15% cut, depending on category)


That would be a great way to reduce disposal/return fees. Simply add a remote-control ignition device to each pallet …