Try FBA Liquidations and recover value from your products


FBA Liquidations is a new program that lets you recover value from your excess and customer-returned inventory and avoid storage fees.

How it works

We send your inventory to wholesale liquidators, allowing you to recover typically 5% to 10% of an item’s average selling price. The program offers an alternative to having your inventory disposed of or returned to you.

To liquidate your inventory, select Liquidations when you create a removal order from any inventory planning page.

Fees begin June 1

Starting June 1, 2021, Amazon will charge FBA Liquidations fees, which will be incurred when shipments leave fulfillment centers. If you submit a liquidation order before June 1, these liquidation fees will apply if your inventory is shipped to a liquidator on or after that date.

For more information, go to FBA Liquidations and the program’s terms and conditions.


What’s the difference between this one and the previous one?


this is the dumbest idea financially I can think of.
why would I let you sell my stuff and receive 10%?
no normal person would take this offer.


Am I understanding this correctly? We currently don’t get charged for customer damaged returns that can’t be put back into inventory but, starting June 1st we will be? Unless we opt to send inventory to wholesale liquidators where we can, at least, recover 5-10% of the average selling price? Am I understanding this correctly?


Issue with this is now resellers can go and purchase your product from a liquidator and start selling your products on your own listing. Since they are just looking for a quick flip they will not care about any negative reviews your listing will get if the product they purchased is damaged. Most of them will list it back as new even though the products might be a customer return or damaged.

Even worse they might just create their own listing and sell your products. Now they will directly be competing with you selling the exact same product.

This is the reason I request my products to be returned. At least that way I can control what happens to them.


Amazon are forcing us to remove stuff because they’ve tightened the thumb screws again and they want us to recover 5% from it? I’d rather burn it.

Remember when they first introduced FBA storage fees and it was “you can have one unit for as long as you like with no fees”?


What I’d like to recover are all the years lost on your s*** service.


Liquidators are contractually restricted from reselling FBA liquidated products directly on Amazon.

as per the FAQ section under


Yes that is true. Liquidators can however sell off Amazon of course. Many people purchase from these liquidators and they are the ones reselling on Amazon not the liquidators.


So don’t over ship to FBA, then fall back on the program.

It’s that easy


Good find, @GoodVibesAndSuch!

Unfortunately, the “downstream consumers” are not under the same prohibitions the liquidators. We already get a ton of Forum posts about account deactivations: “I don’t have an invoice; I bought it from a liquidator”…but by then the brand damage is done. :woman_facepalming:


Amazon does not only sell to liquidators because sellers have overstock. They do this with your returns and damaged products as well. There wouldn’t be an issue for brands if the items being sold to liquidators are in new/undamaged condition. However they are selling off inventory that are damaged or returns. This creates a quality control issue for many sellers because resellers are listing these items back up on Amazon


What does it mean “If you submit a liquidation order”?? How do we submit that?


Yeah, this would have been nice before I removed and liquidated a bunch of inventory at cost over the past week or two. Thanks, though.


Why would you still be selling a product you liquidated? Liquidation is an option for junk that does not sell.


at cost… AZ wou’d give you .10 on the dollar


They wanted to give us a chance to sign up voluntarily before they mandate it. :wink:


Hi @ShopIT_USA,

Thank you for posting your question. Below are the steps to create a liquidation order. These steps are taken directly from the FBA Liquidations help page.

To create a liquidation order, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Create Removal Order form.
  • From an inventory planning page, select one or more ASINs and then, from the Action on selected drop-down menu, click Create removal order.
  • From the Recommended Removal report, click Begin removal process.
  1. Click Liquidations.

  2. Choose the amount of fulfillable or unfulfillable quantity to liquidate.

  3. Click Review.You will be prompted to confirm your order.

  4. Click Confirm.
    Once you confirm your liquidation order, it cannot be canceled.

If you want to create a bulk liquidation order, the instructions are included on the help page linked above.


The liquidation sellers seller the broken junk returns “as is”. People take a chance because they think they might get lucky buying an $800 3D printer for $200. They hope it’s not FUBAR and just needs a new power supply some other simple fix. Or it’s an item that’s used but returned in a new box and missing most of the pieces.


A “Soylent Green Is People” moment.