True or False? Amazon is instructing UPS to hold FBA shipments


This is what seller support just told me. I used the handmade phone support option in case anyone thinks that might matter.

My question was that I have two boxes listed as “in transit” since June 23 ( a third was delivered on 6/24). Today was the reconciliation date, but that option is not available since the remaining items are in transit. I was specifically asking if Amazon can help file a missing package claim with UPS. UPS said Amazon has to do it, not me.

The first answer given to me was that packages are being held in a warehouse until they can be checked in. Then when I reiterated that they were still in transit, he specifically said that UPS was holding the packages. I continued to ask for clarification as to why UPS would hold them that long, but support just kept with their scripted response about delays and what not. I get that. I understand that the FCs are behind. My concern is that I have almost 100 units that are missing. If they were delivered, and just not checked in, that would be different. I just find it hard to believe that Amazon is having that delivery held, when I have shipped an additional 10+ boxes to the same FC since then and they are all either delivered, checked in or in receiving.

Does anyone know? I don’t want to open a second case if this true… but I am considering that perhaps there was a language barrier on the phone.


Yes, Amazon has UPS and LTL carriers hold delivers. There is only so much space at any given FC.

A few years back one of the Preferred LTL carrier’s sales guys told me most of his time was being spent finding land to park trailers that would eventually go to Amazon.


That is crazy.

Thank you. I’ll be more patient!