Tracking shows delivered, but buyer says


Hello Amazon Forum pros, some advice please…A customer purchased an item and USPS tracking (purchased thru Amazon) shows delivery two days after purchase. The buyer says I shipped the item too fast and it showed up before it was expected and now it’s gone (they didn’t clarify what happened to it). Customer wants a replacement ASAP since it was received way before the expected delivery date. I’ve been selling on Amazon for about 3 years now and this is a first. Some advice on how to respond to the customer please? Thanks in advance.



I am sorry if you did not receive your item.
Packages indeed sometimes can be lost or delayed.
But do not worry Amazon offers protections against such unfortunate events.
Please go ahead and open A-z claim to get your refund from Amazon. You can also place another order if you still need that item
If you do not know how to open A-z claim do not hesitate to contact Amazon support