Tracking info now required?


I got an email from Amazon Canada several weeks ago saying starting may 3rd they will require tracking for seller fulfilled orders and show warnings for invalid tracking.

This seemed to apply only to, I even asked if anyone knew if would require the same and got no replies. I no longer sell on Amazon Canada so I thought this didn’t apply to me.

However since around yesterday Amazon is giving me a warning that the tracking number (none entered) is invalid and asks if I want to continue.

Since I sell small items that fit in envelopes and ship as lettermail Amazon had always given me an exemption and didn’t require that I provide tracking.

Has this changed? Will I have problems for having shipped orders with no tracking from now on?

Am I now required to ship with tracking for orders also?


Here’s the Amazon announcement
Upcoming changes in shipment confirmation


Thanks, I had never noticed this applied to, the email I got was only about

Even reading that page it’s still not clear if tracking numbers are now mandatory or just more strongly suggested, will I have problems for having already shipped several orders without tracking?

It almost seems to suggest you only need to provide the shipping company name but not a tracking number, is that correct?

Do I have to use tracking on all orders from now on?

I have immediately put my store on vacation until I have clear answers as that document is pretty vague.


Not the right person to answer, most of my shipments are more than $10 and I always use tracking.
I think, from what I’ve read, that it still an exemption, but honestly don’t listen to me. I have no idea or experience on this. I would add the tracking, I know that this has been a point of concern for many sellers but while many of Amazon’s policies are head-scratching, this one I can comprehend. May I ask just for my own knowledge (and out of my own ignorance) why can’t you not supply a valid tracking? Is it just the time it takes per order?


I ship from Canada and because of the absurd costs of Canada Post I use 3 different shipping companies that each ship my orders from one company to the next until the 3rd company delivers it to the customer.

I also ship without tracking as I sell low value items and tracking would take a considerable amount of my profit or require that I raise prices.

If I did add tracking, it would only apply to the 3rd/final of the 3 companies, and depending on the speed of the 2 first companies I can’t guarantee the exact date the 3rd company gets it where tracking starts to update, this would make it extremely complicated to get my orders marked as shipped at the right time as tracking would start a few days after I actually shipped, so if I added it the day I shipped every order would be considered shipped late.


Got it. It makes total sense. Thanks for the explanation, and yes, I fully understand that both Canadian geography and the mess of having multiple carriers handle an item (I had to stop using UPS surepost on Walmat dot com because it was killing my metrics)
Again I feel for you and thanks for the explanation.