Tracking Debacle --- Scammers are still at it


This morning ,more than 2 months after the book was delivered , I got a message from a Drop Shipper who, I guess finally read his old e-mails saying "his’ order never arrived and to refund or he would be forced to open an A-Z case and leave negative feedback.

I sent the following Hello “fake Drop Shipper name”
Thanks for your order of " ___________________ "
You ordered this on on Monday , June 29 and we shipped it Tuesday , June 30 to your Drop Ship Customer “fake customer name "
WOODLAND, CA 95695-3118.
It was delivered in just 4 days on July 3 as you can see here in the tracking details :
( tracking number link )
There was a major issue in July in which Amazon had erroneously sent messages to many Buyers stating that their orders were delayed or lost and to contact the seller for replacement or refund ( when, in fact, the orders had been delivered many days previously !! ) . It sounds like this is what had happened in your case . Amazon has notified sellers that they had made this error and are aware of all of the orders that this had happened to .
We have been contacted by many Buyers letting us know that they got the strange message even though they received their books . 3rd party buyers such as yourself would not be aware of the situation since the item ships to another person , and would understandably be concerned that the item did not reach their customer . Rest assured , the book did arrive to " customer”
On behalf of Amazon , we apologize for any concerns this has caused , and there is no need to contact Amazon unless you would like verification of the situation as it pertains to your specific order.
Thanks for your Understanding and Stay Safe ,


I hope you used Amazon’s Buy Shipping so that you are covered.


As you know from many previous discussions, I do not use it


lol seemed unnecessarily rude :man_shrugging:
So are you just posting the experience or did you need help with something?


Not rude at all – I got a few other messages from Drop Shippers and I’m letting them know that it is understandable that they might worry that their item did not arrive to their customer.

This Drop Shipper has only a first name , which is suspicious to begin with – which could be a whole other discussion since we now have our full names posted .


You have a theory about what happened, but the bottom line is a buyer is claiming DNR and you have no way to prove it false. Tracking data is not proof of delivery unless it was signed for.

Buyers are not under any requirement to list their last names so that is not an issue of any sort.

Your message sounds rude as written here because you use sarcastic place-holders for names. When real names are entered it seems ok to me.


I mean the comment to @JwsMarket not your message to the customer.


Item arrived on July 3 . Item was promised to arrive on or before July 10 . It is now September 10 . Drop Shipper would not have a clue unless his customer ( who would be awaiting the item ) contacted him right away


Why would the end customer have to have contacted him right away? Maybe the end customer just now realized, “Hey, I never got that book I ordered” and just now contacted him about it? You’re making a lot of assumptions that may or may not be accurate. I think you will lose this if it becomes an AtoZ.


When you are used as a drop shipper, you should expect more problems than when you are selling to the end user.

Many sellers have discovered they can discourage other merchants from using them to drop ship by raising their prices.

Just another factor to be considered in how you run your business.Ultimately, we all get to decide how we deal with the realities of this marketplace.

@JwsMarket is consistent in posting replies grounded in survival on this marketplace and does not play “ain’t it awful”


I don’t expect to hear back ,but,if I do , I’ll let everyone know what happens


I believe I was the only seller of this particular book and I priced it fairly . Apparently , Mr Drop Shipper price his higher on the bay


It was the exact language he used in his message that betrayed his fraudulent intentions


haha. Unless he said “I committed fraud” there is probably another interpretation of that. :slightly_smiling_face:


The end customer didn’t have a last name either !


… and I cannot verbalize it here , among such polite company …

Look, folks after 20 years of selling here , I have endured ( just about ) everything that these scammers have tried to throw at me , and , to see this fraudulent pattern continuing on top of and as a direct result of the recent ‘invalid tracking’ disaster …well, ^*%&&$^^## !!


We have covered the cost of the refund and have not counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate.
Post Office ran an internal investigation for me ( just another perk from buying at the counter )


I sometimes use amazon shipping, sometimes not, but with a drop-shipment always. Don’t even think about shipping it otherwise.