Track the status of your payments through the Disbursements Tracker


You can now check the amount and status of your payments in each settlement period through the Disbursements page.

The feature is available through the Disbursements tab on your Payments pages. Your settlements will be listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent one. You can also filter your settlements by selecting a time period.

Through the page, you can download a Settlement Report or view a summary of financial information in the settlement period. If applicable, a Trace ID will be provided for successful disbursements. Your bank can use the Trace ID to research the status of your funds if it has been more than five business days since the transfer.

Visit the page for more information.

How to find info about being paid for sales

Wow that is actually useful. Clearly no one ran this by Jeff.


great transparency, very helpful… Thank you Amazon :slight_smile:


That’s one of the best features I’ve seen Amazon roll out. Easy to read and decipher.


ha ha.


So now we have all agreed the payment and disbursement is a good addition to Amazon.
Today I was on the phone again asking why my “Keyword” Easter Bunny was not working. They said it is buried in all the other Sellers that listed this Keyword. I understand that, I am on individual and only recently sold two items, due to my item being easier to find now. I said there are only 7 pages though of sellers, when you type Easter Bunny into the search on, and I am not on any???

The response I found really disappointing if it is true and why I am asking on the forum

The operator said, so the customer can have a better experience we are only listing 7 pages on all our items. This is a new change. I said:

Sellers pay $39 USD per month to sell on the platform and Amazon as not advertising some ads alongside with others? That has to be illegal.

How can you take this from some sellers and not advertise their items on the same fairness as other sellers with the same Keyword?

There would have to be MANY sellers with this Keyword that is not being used. Yes you can say well some sellers SELL more than others. But we all pay to have our item on their pages.

I don’t normally complain but, I’m sorry this is very wrong. They used to have 100’s of pages and yes I understand most people won’t scroll through. Well they will just stop looking, Amazon should not be refining this when they are not refining there monthly cost to the majority of sellers.

It has made me think twice about upgrading to professional and giving it a proper go.


You have to drill down in the options from the left side bar, to a more specific category to have all the pages show.

If you only plug in “Easter Bunny”, yes, you will only see 7 pages, since there are thousands upon thousands of “Bunny” listings.

If you choose a specific category, such as “Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys”, you will see the full range of items for sale:



Hi Rushdie,

Well can you be my Amazon Seller Support person lol…

I wasn’t advised that yesterday, only that they are showing 7 pages only for each type of item.
I went to the stuffed animals section and then it had one for Bunnies and Rabbits so went through the pages one by one 95 pages and my items had not come up so its buried for now. lol… Customers will have to type in the name of my doll until I get more sales. Most of my search terms are working ok so thats good. I also noticed that the name of my plush, did not have bunny in it so perhaps that works alongside the key words. I have updated it and hopefully it will be an accepted change… I think what is quite frustrating is you seem to not get enough info from the operators or they give an incorrect answer. Apologies for the rant AMAZON but with the information I was provided yesterday, it left me very perplexed to say the least thats is all I had to go by. Thanks RUSHDIE…:slight_smile:


We downlaoded the transaction report for a certian payment period but the total amount is different from what we’ve paid. Anyone knows why?


I chose download flat file but note pad probably was a wrong choice. looked jumbled up. I wanted to view what orders were included in the disbursement I choice - any advice?


sometimes the sales tax amazon is responsible for, is included / then the next payment is off again when that tax gets subtracted. that’s a problem I see on my bank deposit statements sometimes.

( i had chosen flat file)
what did you down load to? my “open with” choices started with note pad, since the other choices I was shown to choose from were very strange (3 were browsers) the rest I didn’t recognize as something I’ve ever used.