Toy Safety Documentation Request


Got this letter. I haven’t seen anything else like it posted in forums. It seems straight forward. However, I am curious why we are having to provide this documentation, since it’s for fairly recognizable brands and skus that Amazon also sells. The certificates are usually even available online by many of these toy manufacturers.
We have already been selling these two asins and similar ones for years, too…so it’s not like it’s a new line for us or even that these specific asins been discontinued for years and may not meet standards.
Please let me know if I’m missing something.


We are contacting you because we show that you may be selling items in the Toys category.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are confirming that your product meets the current mandatory safety standards. As a result, you must provide us with required safety documentation no later than October 23, 2018.

ASINs: B0036WSVPK,B00705XW30

To ensure there is no impact to your business, refer to the following Help page for information on safety document requirements for Toys and how to submit them to Amazon:

By applying to sell these products, you certify that all materials you submit are true, authentic, and accurate.

Thank you for doing business with Amazon.

Amazon Services

Note for FBA sellers: If you have Toys inventory in our fulfillment centers that hasn’t been approved by October 23, 2018, please request removal within 30 days. Instructions for creating a removal order can be found at: Standard FBA Return Fees or FBA Disposal Fees will apply.

Toy Safety Documentation
Safety documentation message
Important information about Toys

New CPSC regulations.


Got same letter. Some of the items on my list are sold by amazon!!!


I just started another thread about this same thing - for a Lego set that is sold by Amazon and 70+ sellers. I haven’t even sold it for a couple of years.


Got one of these today too. Which is puzzling as the item they sent it on is a Dakin plush from the 1980s that has been listed on Amazon for years…Not sure why they are suddenly sending these out. And it’s odd, because I’m not the manufacturer, Dakin is, so why do I need to provide this info that the manufacturer already has on their tags?


I am confused why you think Amazon would not have thier own copy of the CPSC for themselves?


So you are implying that every seller should provide amazon with a copy of the CPSC. Doesn’t that sound kind of redundant and unnecessary?


Right - if Amazon is selling a common Lego set and 70+ sellers they all need to prove the safety? Makes no sense to me.


I got the same message for one ASIN today. Odd because I sell almost 1000 ASINs in the toys category, and they just randomly chose one.

Testing for small toys can easily cost $500. And this particular one is LEGO. I am thinkinging this will cause a lot of small sellers to stop selling certain ASINs!


The only concern here for us specifically is that we have not gotten our holiday toy approval letter yet. I’m 99% positive that we have met the requirements. But the timing of this makes me wonder, “why now?”


The testing has already been done by the manufacturers, like Lego. Many manufacturers post their safety certificates online for everyone to see. The only problem is for those who private label or import from Alibaba and never bother with the testing.

Speaking of Lego, like here you can get a letter from Lego stating that all of their stuff conforms:


I got it

All of my toys and there are no longer many, are major manufacturers. If I have to do anything to keep the offers open, I won’t. Not worth the time or effort.

And yes I was approved for holiday toy selling.


so can we just delete our offers and be done with it ?




Don’t freak out. Just contact the manurfacturer. We have been getting these also. Anyone who produces toys for he US market will have the documentation required for you to forward to amazon.
Just don’t drag your feet on this.


weird i got like 8 asin


Just so you know, Amazon came back and asked for images of the tags with the CPSC tracking. So have this ready also.


Same here, with about 15 ASINs. Luckily they’re all fairly new and sourced properly, so it shouldn’t be an issue - but still, probably 2 hours worth of work that I don’t have.

But what’s crazy to me is as I got the e-mail I’m sitting here listing Pokemon plush having to wade through listings of knock-offs and Japanese imports that were probably never tested for the US market. Seems their intentions are a smidge misplaced.


id rather just find 8 different asin to sell


Looks like they making sure they meet safety standards. They write the reason for the letter in the following text:

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are confirming that your product meets the current mandatory safety standards.

Children's Product Certificate (CPC):