Tons of impressions and 0 sales


Yes, good for him. Less for me :disappointed_relieved:


Very good for you actually. If they/you used the words anti-bacteria or equivalent, you would be looking at a possible suspension or customer lawsuit or both.
This is not my specialty, but we have seen it many times in the forums. Sellers get caught trying to sell things based on pandemic fears only to loose thousands to Amazon for product fraud.


Yes, you are right I misunderstood.
To be honest my first listing creation has been suspended because I included that kind of words, I saw the majority of competitors using them and I thought It wasn’t an issue.
After the suspension I did some research and my second version of the listing have been approved with no issues.


I removed all the crap from bullet points and description and simplified my title.
Thanks again for your suggestion.



You know you are trying to violate FIFRA intentionally.

When you get caught, you will get what you deserve. Don’t attempt to decieve the community.


You don’t have the Buy Box.


I am working on fixing the images as well.


How can I figure out why I don’t have the buy box?
I see sometimes I have the buy box 100%, sometimes I can’t see any percentage.


You can see, first, if you are Buy Box eligible on your Inventory page. If you don’t see it, then change what you can view.
Second, if you are new, and your account still says, Just Launched on the catalog page, then you will not achieve the Buy Box until you have received a feedback or review.
Until the Just Launched has disappeared, your campaign will not work - thus, you have all zeroes, and have wasted your money.



You got some good advice here, some bad, and some horrible.
Get aquatinted with the seller forum.
Some very helpful members will be very brief and blunt. They mean good.
Others here are just nasty for no good reason. They smell fresh blood like those wozzy’s in the prison yard. Do not let them bring you down. Ignore them.

You may want to consider changing your name on the forums to a pseudonym for privacy reasons.

Your listing is basically quite good. Especially the images.

However you should have the title less crowded. You can enter extra keywords in the back end in the search terms box under the keyword tab in edit mode.

Like this your product should still come up under those search terms without overwhelming the customer.

The very first word of your title should be your brand name.

You are allowed 1000 keywords in campaigns. You should use them all. Then monitor them like a hawk. those who cost but don’t produce must go.

Good luck.


Thanks for you reply Jes.
On inventory page I can see that my product is “Buy Box eligible”.
I checked on the Catalog page, but I couldn’t find the “just Launched” string you are mentioning.


Hi I_Kid_You_Not_Sorry,

I really appreciate your advises and how you are giving me your feedback, I really do.
I agree with you on what you said and I will work on the title, I have some extra keywords in the back end already, but I will review them for sure.
Thanks for your advise regarding the amount of keywords for the campaign as well.
Again, thanks a lot for help and your kind words.


Hi Jes,

thank you for your feedback.
I found the label “Just launched” you were talking about on my store front page.
Sorry, but I don’t understand whyI don’t have the buy box if.
I am FBA and on my seller central I see I have the buy box at 100%


Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help.


Until you get feedback or a review, your account will stay as Just Launched.
Even though you are Buy Box eligible, doesn’t mean you have it, or should have it, but could have it.
Being FBA does not mean you’ll have it either. Lots of FBM sellers have the Buy Box, including me.

Acquiring the Buy Box is an Amazon algorithm, taking into consideration your length of time as a seller, meaning that you need to show Amazon that you conduct business worthy of the Buy Box - plus, it calculates in All of your metrics, feedback, review, shipping, delivery time met,
Those things said, you do not have the Buy Box - even if eligible, even if FBA - until the Just Launched label has been lifted.


Hi Mareco75,
I have the same problem with the messy title. As a newbie, I added a lot of keyword to the title, thinking like you, the keywords would add search value. Instead, drawing people to the listing, it probably created the opposite effect.

Do you mind sharing how you cleaned up the title? . I have tried the edit manage listing feature. No lucky. Amazon gives me a weird message saying the title can not be changed. How were you able to change your title?