Tons of impressions and 0 sales


Hi, I have been selling for a couple of weeks now, I started my PPC campaigns (one exact-31 targets, one broad-52 targets and one auto campaign) a few days ago and I have gotten a lot of impressions, but any sales.
This is a screenshot of the campaign Dashboard, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong on the campaigns or my listing is not optimized (ASIN B08LW4BD1F), I have even tried promoting my product with a $5 coupon.

Could you please give me some feedback? Any advise will be truly appreciated!


no one wants to buy the item you’re selling, at the price you’re asking


Might be helpful to provide an ASIN.


Update your product page and images. Perhaps something does not look presentable enough to get the clicks then sales.


Thanks for the reply MuskyFishing, why do you think that?
I have basically one competitor that has a cover protecting the hook and he is selling ad a higher price than mine. All others no touch door openers don’t have that feature.


Hi The_Sawle_Mill, I wrote my ASIN.



Thanks for your input VTR.
Do you think my images, title or bullets points are no presentable enough? Do you have a chance to take a fast look into it?
My ASIN is B08LW4BD1F.


Your listing is a MESS


Sorry MuskyFishing, can you be more specific? It would really help if you can elaborate that.


Your title is essentially a lot of keywords thrown together on the page. What is the primary function of the product?
This is not EBay, so you will want to make the title be short and descriptive. You do not need the words touchless and no touch in the same pile of words. That is what your search terms are for.
Also get rid of the green checkmarks, they make the listing look like a child put it together and may get your listing flagged.
How about this simple description- SWITCHKEY NO TOUCH DOOR OPENER Just not all caps. I am too lazy to re type it.


Thanks for your feedback VTR, I do really appreciate it.
I thought that having on the title more keywords would help ranking on those keywords.
Can I ask you what do you think about the listing images?


It makes it hard for your advertising. People looking at ads do not want to read a paragraph of keywords, they want to see, evaluate and move on, and your goal is to get them to quickly understand and click.
Imagine having to call a person by their full name. Instead of saying you like Bach, you would have to say, I like Johan Sebastian Bach. Your title is adding the burden of that kind of work to people and your advertising.
The images seem fine outside of the minor background issues. Focus on cleaning up the title and description.


I suggest you read Amazon’s policies regarding Product Titles and Product Details. Then you should probably read FIFRA or at least the EPA website regarding pesticides and pesticide devices and legal claims. Then stop and realize that you are selling a very silly product in a currently heavily saturated niche market. Most of the other similar products are 60% to 85% less than yours. Using the :white_check_mark: symbol and abusing Capitalizations seem to be getting Sellers into hot water lately.

If you can’t get right with Amazon policy and Federal Law, you will soon not be selling on Amazon at all.


I do understand your point.
I am going to change the title and description as you suggested.
Thanks again.


Ya, don’t make listings like this clown. I spotted this a few weeks ago looking for fishing weights, and it hurt my eyes.



Well, I don’t think mine is so bad like the one you posted.
Yes, there is a little bit of shadow on my main image, but not like that one :grin:


The pictures are not, but your description is. :slight_smile:



I have read about pesticides and pesticide devices, I know I can’t claim anything regarding germ free or antimicrobial properties of my product. That’s why I am not using and words like that on my title or description.
I know that is not an easy niche, but we are only two products right now that have a covered body and I thought that could make a difference even on such a saturated market, my competitor started a month earlier and he is selling pretty well right now having a more expensive product.
I will fix my bullet points, title and description, thank you for your advice!


true, removing the crap from by bullet points and description now!


It looks like the MFR did a good job dodging all the common trouble making keywords LOL.