Time selling in amazon


I would like to know how old I am selling on Amazon. I need to know the date since I was approved to sell on Amazon. Is there any way to know that? Thank you


Generally speaking, this is something that you yourself should keep up with; I suspect that it is unlikely that Amazon would look favorably upon any request for this information, as it does not typically favor any admission(s) that one of its Selling Partners has failed to do Due Diligence in any regard - especially in regards to Business 101 matters such as maintaining adequate records.

May I ask if you have been archiving each and every email notification which Amazon has sent you since you first created your SoA (‘Amazonese’ for “Selling on Amazon” aka 3P Seller aka Seller Central) Account?


If you look under Reports - payments - all statements you can gee the very first statement you received from Amazon.
Mine first statement is dated October 2011


What about your accounting records? Assuming this is a business. Wouldn’t you be able to look back through your credit card records and find the first time you paid your seller fees?


Oh cool. I didn’t know how long they kept these available. I only started selling here last fall.


If you started off on the Professional plan, this should work. :+1:

If you started off on the Individual plan (as I did), not so much (I quickly saw the light, though! :grin:).

@Dogtamer is spot on with email records; there is a welcome email that should work as documentation of start date, IMO.


If you joined seller forums when you signed up to sell, you can see initial month and year you began in your forum settings. But I guess you’re looking for a very specific date?


Out of curiosity - WHY?


Somehow, I never forgot the first sale I made. 3/12/2005. I have no idea how to find it. Good luck.