Time of day sensitive for API tracking number upload... Daytime: Success / Evening: Fails


Every time I try to process shipments in the evening I get…
Code: 18028
Description: The ship-date or FulfillmentDate you provided (2020-06-15T18:55:04.000Z) was not between the order date (2020-06-12T00:00:00.000Z) and now (2020-06-12T23:00:21.124Z).

I processed this label on Jun 12th 2020 19:05 EST.

If I process during the day…all uploads successfully.

The example above is I processed a label on a Friday but the actual SHIP DATE isn’t until Monday yet it seems amazon doesn’t understand that as a possibility. (I am sure I am providing them something wrong.)

Any help…thank you!


The API does not allow submitting tracking for labels purchased outside Amazon’s API on a future date.

You would have to store the tracking information until Monday and then submit it.