Throttling limit for feeds with multiple messages: how it works?



I tried looking for specifics about this question, but there does not appear to be a particular note for the number of messages in a feed and how it works toward the throttle system.

I want to implement a way to submit the order fulfillment data (shipment number and carriers) periodically to amazon through MWS. So i would submit like one request every x minutes.

I would use multi-message feeds, with each message (with his own ID) fulfilling a single order.
The questions about it are:

  • is there a limit on the number of messages a request can be composed of? (for the message size, i will never reach the size for sure)
  • In case of request with multiple messages, does that request count as a SINGLE request towards the throttling system and its limits? Or it does count as if each message was a single request?

Thanks in advance.


The throttling is per feed submission not per message. Also limit the number of items to 30,000 records.