This week I got Amazon sponsored discounts shipping


Is this temporarily or depends on the volume?


Amazon posted about it in their News. If you sell on Amazon, you may wish to read what Amazon posts as news.

Also, so many posts about it.


has Amazon Sponsored Shipping Discount ended?


I know right, that’s what I came to forums for. I don’t see Amazon Sponsored discounted pricing anymore. I did see it during the day, perhaps just maintenance or temporarily out of order. I haven’t seen any communication at all from Amazon about redacting Amazon Sponsored rates program.


ya, I’m hoping it’s a system glitch. it was a decent discount…


@METROPLEX1 And the discounts are back!


iam not seeing them as of now are you ?


Did these discounts end today? All of the sudden all of my shipping choices are back to normal.


This is hilarious, and I just came back to see if there’s an issue again. Same here.

I don’t think they end the discounts, there appears to be another issue where they are unavailable and should come back at some point.

It’s frustrating that they just go out when you need them, usually during peak shipping hours.


Hi All,

I know this is a little late, but I figured I would drop the News link to information about Amazon’s Sponsored Discounts in this Thread for anyone searching.

In addition, to answer questions around the application of the discount:


Go to Amazon Sponsored Discount to learn more.

Go to Buy Shipping to learn more about its benefits.