This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN


I am new seller comer. Just do the listing and received the captioned subject message and quite sure that it is correct in the product classification because I do the listing of Christmas Ball Ornament. It is straight forward in the classification under “Home & Kitchen” but I received this message.


I am a new seller as well. I run a clothing brand so our variations are by size and color. I have a brand exemption as well since they are my own designs. I did some searching and what worked for me was making sure the size_name value was unique for each one of my child variations.


the problem is your assigned UPC codes…you must have used them before OR they’ve been used by someone else. Replace the UPC codes and you’ll be good to go.


yes you can


Have you tried the draft option? Just go to your catalog and select the draft menu item. I believe you can edit the item there now.