This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN


So this is what i see. I can’t get passed this .


Hi Guys this was from Seller support - from A recent enquiry I made - hope it helps your situation.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you have been receiving an error message stating that " This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification " when you try to add a new product . I will certainly assist you in this case and provide you the needful information.

Please be informed that whenever you create a listing, there will be a field called “Item Classification” in which the seller will have two options such as Variation parent and Base product.

If a seller is creating a variation listing, then seller needs to select “Variation parent” in Item Classification field.

If a seller is creating a standalone listing, then the seller needs to select “Base product” in Item Classification field.

In this case you would have created this listing as a standalone listing but you would have selected the “Variation parent” in the Item Classification field and that’s why your listing was not available in Amazon for sale.

How to make the listing Active:

Since the item classification is Incorrectly entered, the listing is not showing in the Amazon detail page. In order to make the listing active, you need to delete the listing and create a new listing again for this listing by entering the Item classification correctly which is BASE product.

Here I request you to delete the listing from your inventory and create a new listing with the Item classification as Base product and this listing will become available for sale. ​​


Thanks for posting this. Although I don’t know about you but the category I am in has no reference to a classification field either through online or the flat file.


I am having the same issue, did you fix it?


Where that field is located? I cant find it. Thanks


Nope. I deleted the listing and re-listed, bumped into a whole new set of issues.


Are you listing your products with “Brand Name: N/A” ?

This is what the customer service just replied:

I have checked and found that your parent is showing as incomplete due to missing attribute - “brand” therefore please contribute this attribute from your end so that your parent will be complete which can be use to create variation with it’s 2 variants: White and Black.

My reply:

I just want to point out that according with the Amazon Brand Name Policy we need to put N/A in the brand field if the product is unbranded.

This is what the guide says:

When should Sellers use “ N/A” as their ASIN’s brand value?
Sellers should use the brand value “N/A” when the product they are selling does not belong to any brand. For example, a pack of paper towels that do not belong to a brand would not have any branding, so the ASIN should use the brand value “N/A”.

“N/A” should not be used when a product contains branding from a brand. For example, a computer mouse that is permanently affixed with the branding from AmazonBasics should not use “N/A” as the brand value. Instead, the brand value should be “AmazonBasics”.



Have you had a response? We are in the same error loop.


FWIW I requested Amazon translate a listing to Amazon Japan and it showed up in my account like this. My account rep said that the translation is still marked as WIP so I’m hoping they are trying to resolve the issue??


I got a random reply… but I have found the bug in the system:

A. It looks like that if you use the original user interface the system allows you to summit N/A as the brand name.

B. But if you do the same using the new user interface, then you are not allowed to summit N/A as the brand name.

So what I think is happening is that the system allows to summit it if you using the original interface and this creates an error in the internal processing.


How do you access the old interface?


My default interface is always the old one!

I had the same problem last night… I called customer support and told them it might be a “brand name” issue… then customer support asked me to create a listing right away to reproduce the error so they can triage. Guess what - it went through and got reflected in the catalogue with no problem!

So if you encounter the same problem in the future - just try to delete the old one and create new listing, it might just be a system glitch!


So I had the same issue with getting " This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification." when i uploaded an excel for a item.

It took me a moment, but the issue was that I had used the wrong Parent ASIN for each Child ASIN in the excel. Once I updated the Child ASIN with the correct Parent ASIN the issue was resolved.


It’s because you’re using your own product id which Amazon don’t want that. They want you to use registered product id numbers so you have to find it or purchase it. But I don’t know why sometime you can use your own Product ID (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN) sometime not. it’s a bug somewhere causing a problem

So if you sell your own product means if you’re a brand and having this issue than you have to request a GTIN exemption to not add Product ID and Product ID Type to your excel sheet. if they accept(usually they do in few sec) leave the product ID and product type sections blank (empty) and try again after 24 hours.

Here is the link where you can Request a GTIN exemption

If you’re not a brand and trying to sell some other brands products then you have to write a letter to them. Here is the link for sample letters

Hope this helps.
Kendinize iyi bakin :slight_smile:


I am creating parent/child listing and I keep getting this SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. When the items were uploaded individually they work but I cannot create a parent/child listing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Friend,
If you are a brand and accepted GTIN exemption don’t check your inventory file just upload it because system won’t recognize it’s you and your brand. you will get an error (listing limitation) no matter what you do. so just upload your file. you can delete them anyway if it doesn’t work.

p.s. don’t worry about the picture links. leave it empty if you don’t have the links yet. click Suppressed and edit them later one by one from dashboard.

Good Luck


Having the same problem here.


Yes. they don’t know what they are talking about.


have you find an answer. I am facing same problem here


I forgot why I had this problem, but it was resolved. I gave Amazon a call and they helped me resolve it.