This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN


+“This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification.”+

Products are Active but clicking on item and redirecting to next page this above line is showing. i dont know what to do next, how would i resolve this .

Please help me out.

Thank you in advance…


Seeing the same thing lately … and there’s no way to edit through Seller Central.

I don’t have a good answer yet.

ALTHOUGH … in checking before posting I see now that I can finally edit. So maybe it’s a short term thing.


This is a Technical Error need to contact Seller support team.


This is so long ago. I am not sure if you have figure it out or not. I have the same problem and there is no way to edit it. I receive an email form seller support and they say I need to correct the category that it belongs to and told me a bunch of instructions that lead me nowhere. I will try a new listing tomorrow. Amazon support is garbage. I got a problem with my old bank deposit and wanted to change to a new one since the old one is from more than 10 years ago. Now I need my old full account number. How the hell am I suppose to get a number 10 years ago? All their instructions are misleading and confusing. Help yourself, Amazon will not or cannot help because they don’t know what they are talking about.


This has nothing to do with MWS … but …

You are suppose to know it, or have it somewhere, because you had it and entered it before.

And if Amazon could give it to you it would be exposed to employees and hackers. Something I wouldn’t want.


i am having the same error (
This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification. )

The listing show uncomplete and this error appears when i click on it please advice me how i can sort this out. ??


I am having the same error while uploading. My clothing SKU’s are non-branded and approved for setting up and I can do so via the web-gui. However since I need to variations of size and color for the clothing I tried to create a new approved SKU. This is the error I get when uploading the Excel file with only one line in it.


I have the same situation with you, I have solved it now. I found out that my parents - sku I used to use. I have replaced one now and can already be merged.


Same issue here on my FIRST listing. Someone PLEASE give some step by step instructions to help with this please.


I am also having the same issue, please advise

This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN

Did you solved your problem? how exactly?


I had the same issue. The problems was when uploading items marked as FBA, they needed to have the compliance fields filled out, like “batteries_required”.

Take a look at your processing report.

You could re-import as seller fulfilled and manually move them to FBA or add the compliance data to the sheet.


If my new parent listing says “status incomplete” can I delete it in seller central without it affecting the child SKUs and start over?


I just received this too in the middle of finishing the assignment. It is a new listing , I am hoping this will be a short term thing I can get in there and fix it!


I just saw the same thing. I’m hoping this is short term as well.


Without any instruction from Amazon on what process is needed to submit a FEED to update the SKU in order to have it match the ASIN, I would assume that the ASIN is currently listed in the wrong product category. This can happen when someone hijacks your listing (as they did with me) in order to sell their own products using your ASIN under a different category (such as portable air conditioning units),which is also what happened in my case. When you become frustrated with not being able to edit it as the parent object for your child listings, you might even delete it(as I did) and even though it still shows up after you still use it for your template upload, it is only a dud listing that will no nonger function. So what to do now? Well, I guess you could start over by trying a catalog search for one of your own existing child listings, then use that one as the parent of new child listings?


Your answer is very choppy…
What did you do to fix the problem?


I am having this problem on products that have no FBA.


I had the same problem. I could not fix parent link/product. However, I could edit the variations. The problem in my case was in the tab “Vital information” color was missing for each variation. Once input color for each the problem was resolved. I hope it helped.

-Zeenat Market


I found that I had another variation that had my pumps in it and I broke it by deleting the old parent. Wait until; it is gone from inventory, then upload with new parent. Problem solved…