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I just spoke with Amazon seller support and they informed me that Amazon made a recent update and will no longer allow sellers to initiate pro-active messages to buyers. Buyers will have to reach-out to sellers before any contact can be initiated. They said they are creating a new “Request for a Review” feature that will be on the order details page see the link to the help page explaining this here.

What are your thoughts on not being able to proactively send buyer/seller messages any more?

This means no more (unless buyer contacts you first):

  • sending ebooks or helpful information
  • sending requests for seller feedback or product reviews

What are the software companies like FeedbackFive and Feedback Genius going to do?

This is a huge source of revenue for them.


Top bullet: shouldn’t be doing that; that is part of what they want to stop

Bottom bullet: this (according to their statement) will be taken care of with a separate function.


in another words no more spam.


@oneida_books wrote something up on this two days ago.

As far as your concern for service providers offering this service, they will need to reinvent themselves.

As buyer I do not care for the messages. As a seller I do not send them.


I had the same situation,as a seller,I didn’t see where has a "request a review "button on the order details page.
I just know,most of the buyer would not write a review even if when they are satisfied with your products,maybe just told to friends or families,but they would definitely give you a 1 star once they have any displeasure ,just as some guys wrote,“I would give it a 0 star if I could”…


I think that for most of us this is “a coming attraction”. Go ahead and do other things meanwhile.