This Developer is not currently eligible for new authorisations. (But why?)


We have been approved and currently live on the appstore in the US and Europe however any new user trying to link their MWS with our app receives the following message;

“This Developer is not currently eligible for new authorisations”

1.) Error message new users see when trying to sign up via MWS
2.) Developer Central - UK showing Published
3.) Developer Central - US showing Published
4.) Marketplace Appstore - Showing Live and available in US
5.) Marketplace Appstore - Showing Live and available in UK

We opened a case 6 weeks ago and currently Amazon have failed to respond even when we send reminders on a weekly basis.

Has anyone suffered the same issue and how did you resolve it? We have updated the sign up process so unsure if it is something our end or we just need some eyes from Amazon on our case to switch access on for our clients.

Look forward to hearing some thoughts on this



I haven’t heard of this one before. In my experience either your developer ID is on or off. Maybe this is a new status they came up with recently.

It is normal for them to take a long time to response to some MWS authorization issues.

Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


Thank you for your response, might be a coincidence but our cases got a response for the first time in weeks today.

Unfortunately all they suggested was for us to contact the support team and gave the URL

The Frustrating thing is all the cases we opened using that link.

We are not getting anywhere so if anyone has a contact in Amazon MWS that would be great.