Thinking about switching to FBM, here's some things to think about


I have over 200 FBA orders in pending. I assume i do not get paid for pending FBA orders. Why are these orders not shipped to customers? This is very mind boggling.


Thanks octavo_books! That doesn’t sound too confusing. With any luck our FBA inventory will hold out until we can resume shipping into the fufillment centers, but we did want to have our Plan B in place.

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Important information from Amazon in this post. Click to read all:

More information here, too:


I’d do it now and just leave the inventory set at zero, so the listing remains inactive until you need it. No last minute shock of suddenly realizing your FBA stock is out and you were unprepared. Also, maybe use your current sku with MF added on.



Hi, I have been using FBM, but recently due to the coronavirus, our shipments have been stuck for more than 7 days by FedEX and customers are filling A-Z complains to return.

This is something out of my control and I have already been using the fastest delivery method.

In this challenging times, I need help on how to avoid A-Z claims due to late shipment due to limited flights. We tried our best, but really out of our control.

Please advise.


Get postage where signatures are required. It can tell whether the package came in or something.


Reply to myself 3 months later. My God did I hit this nail on the head!:tired_face:

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