Thinking about switching to FBM, here's some things to think about


That is correct, we operate two account (with approval) and have done SFP for a couple years now and we applied for our second account for SFP and although they are linked with Amazon our second account is ineligible for SFP. They put us on a “waiting list” when I wrote to the team I was told that they are not accepting any new sellers and do not have any plans on reopening it any time soon.

If you are new to SFP this is not the time to risk it. I have closed half of my 2 day listings just to have a happy balance for metrics just in case shipments are delayed.


Is it better to wait for FBA inventory to get near zero and switch to FBM or create a new product sku for FBM


Excellent Summary. We’ve done FBA, FBM and SFP and everything said is spot on. All of us have to adjust in this uncertain time.


This is so true. My youngest son is autistic and in 7th grade was having a miserable time at school as if he had ‘Kick Me’ taped to all sides of him. So I took him out of school and home-schooled him for 8th grade. One of the activities he did with me was grocery shopping every week. He learned how to look for bargains, loss leaders, etc. He learned how to bag groceries and how to find the things I forgot. He went back to regular school for 9th grade not under nearly the stress he had been prior to him being at home for a year. Part way through high school he got a part time job working in the grocery storing bagging groceries, stocking shelves. As the years passed and while getting his associates degree he worked there and then became full time and was the frozen food manager! It took him awhile to get a full time job in the field of Medical records that he had gone to school for which he had aced but his autism held him back for job interviews. Finally someone took a chance on him and hired him part time and he continued at the grocery store until he became full time. Now when the boos is gone for the day, he is in charge! Not something you expect from a kid starting out with so many deficits. But all that grocery shopping with me, had been great training for a job that he held many years. I have a friend with an autistic kid who can’t seem to land a job anywhere as they depend on job coaches and make excuses for him. But a kid that has been made to ‘work’ growing up becomes so much more capable than one that spent their formative years playing Nintendo or whatever (something we never had in our house - we had books).

Parents that let their kids veg out during this time will be doing such a disservice to them. Children are sponges and will absorb as much as you can feed them.


This is great advice. Have tons of what you need. I do all FBM and its great!


Do you have it turned on in your general shipping setting and then also shipping template set up for it with products using that template?


Thank you :slight_smile: We are 75% FBA, 25% FBM. Switching everything over and inventory


Most people I have talked to over the past two days are aware that Amazon is not shipping out any product except essentials. So, respectfully, my question is , what difference does it make if I change from FBA to seller fulfilled, if the general public thinks Amazon is not open for business right now ? ( except for essentials, grocery, etc)
Thank you in advance for any and all feedback.


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Most people I have talked to over the past two days are aware that Amazon is not shipping out any product except essentials

That’s something you should take time to correct. Amazon IS shipping out any and all products in their warehouses that you order.

Amazon IS NOT accepting shipments of non-essentials to their warehouses until (at this time), 4.5.2020.

The difference between the two is vast - so you should let people know that yes, Amazon is open for business and there are many sellers (especially FBM), who are ready to ship out orders.


Thanks so much for the info!


This is my 'slowest day of the month so far, but my one order was a multi-item order that averaged what a ‘normal’ days gross sales would be. I’m $20 from selling as much as I did in March last year for the whole month. I guess some don’t want to be bored at home or taking advantage of the time off to get started on holiday sewing or whatever since most of what I have been selling isn’t spring or summer clothing patterns which would be the norm. No prom gown patterns either, which is also sad.

I have been FBM 100% my entire time online selling.


I have over 200 FBA orders in pending. I assume i do not get paid for pending FBA orders. Why are these orders not shipped to customers? This is very mind boggling.


Thanks octavo_books! That doesn’t sound too confusing. With any luck our FBA inventory will hold out until we can resume shipping into the fufillment centers, but we did want to have our Plan B in place.

Take care, stay healthy, stay home!


Important information from Amazon in this post. Click to read all:

More information here, too:


I’d do it now and just leave the inventory set at zero, so the listing remains inactive until you need it. No last minute shock of suddenly realizing your FBA stock is out and you were unprepared. Also, maybe use your current sku with MF added on.



Hi, I have been using FBM, but recently due to the coronavirus, our shipments have been stuck for more than 7 days by FedEX and customers are filling A-Z complains to return.

This is something out of my control and I have already been using the fastest delivery method.

In this challenging times, I need help on how to avoid A-Z claims due to late shipment due to limited flights. We tried our best, but really out of our control.

Please advise.


Get postage where signatures are required. It can tell whether the package came in or something.


Reply to myself 3 months later. My God did I hit this nail on the head!:tired_face:

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