The sc*m is still going on ... Amazon Sponsored Discount


There are plenty of naive/trusting sellers who believe an "Amazon Sponsored Discount " can be trusted.
They learn the hard way that it can’t but the the seemingly irrevocable damage is already done.
I know UPS is the bad guy but Amazon is promoting them & just throws the sellers to the wolves when there’s a problem.


First off, Googling your customers is a violation of the ASBSA, and it is really creepy and completely unnecessary and unwarranted. However, you have the right to be a creeper and to breach your Amazon contract. However, there maybe consequences. That doesn’t mean that I’m running to Uncle Andy every time some Seller does something they shouldn’t.

Secondly, UPS does surcharges. Amazon just passes them along. You are free & 21, if you don’t want Amazon’s dollar, you don’t have to take it. Go ahead, spend a dime more and ship it USPS, I don’t care. I have no problem taking Uncle Andy’s money.


minimal discount to begin with. Might as well use Priority if it gets there faster anyway.


We did this with a couple of thousand orders and only about a dozen adjustments came back. If you sell enough, then it is worth it.


When you run a mail order business, one of the decisions you make is how you ship your items.

Inputs to the process include

Delivery Time

They also include safe packaging requirements.

Some merchandise might allow you to make your decision solely on one or another of the factors, and will tolerate making a decision based on one of the factors and change for each shipment.

Many other sellers find they need to standardize on one carrier they know well, both from a service and a customer service point of view.

As those great business people - Click and Clack often reminded us “The stingy man pays the most”.



Here is thread in US Announcements about Amazon Sponsored Discounts you should check out.

I would also recommend checking out Amazon Sponsored Discount to learn more and go to Buy Shipping to learn more about its benefits.


It is not the issue of $$$,

It is about what is right, and what is wrong.

Amazon should never make such a stupid mistake, and then blamed Amazon’s own mistake on the seller.


Don’t you read the terms you agree to?

Terms and Conditionsr

We reserve the right to adjust charges after they are initially posted to reflect adjustments by the applicable carrier or other service provider.

Third-party service terms apply . Your purchase and use of delivery and related services are also subject to the policies, terms, conditions and other agreements between you and the applicable carrier or other service provider. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with them


I enjoyed listening to them, even though I didn’t/don’t repair cars!


Agree with some of your post to Beth (appears she doesn’t get it) but feel it’s UPS that’s the villain. However Amazon not helping those wrongly charged by UPS and just passing the buck is wrong makes them complicit IMHO. There needs to be a way a seller who is wrongly charged by UPS to be reimbursed otherwise Amazon needs to stop sponsoring UPS.



If Amazon offered a specific price, that should be the price and not " amazon can charge an adjustment if Amazon had *-up "

It’s not ups’ or our’s fault, but Amazon miss-quoted the price in error. If Amazon felt it’s OK to so that, then should the sellers do the same to the buyer? By sending a nice message, somthing like " Dear Amazon customer, because you are located in the " Super Rural Residential Delivery Area ", therefore, there will be an additional $2.25 charge you are responsible …


I agree and would like to add address correction charges should 100% be paid by Amazon. For obvious reasons.


I would not call it a scam, but rather call it what it is… lazy programming.

UPS has excel spreadsheets on their sites that list all the zipcodes in the US that are subject to rural DAS and Remote Area charges.

There is really no reason why Amazon cannot simply cross reference the Zip code of the delivery address and add in the surcharge when they calculate the shipping cost.

As it is now, if I want to use UPS I need to look up every zipcode to be sure I am not going to get hit with an additional charge, sometimes for more than the original discounted shipping.

From earlier in 2022-

Remote Area Surcharges:
Remote Area Surcharge for Alaska $34.50
Remote Area Surcharge for Hawaii $12.00

Delivery Area Surcharges:
Ground Commercial $3.40
Ground Commercial Extended $4.10
Ground Residential $4.80
Ground Residential Extended $6.50


Just to add, when you use UPS WorldShip (their PC software), on the doc tab (an additional part of a label that lists the shipment information) it says something like: “shipment cost is just a quote, may be different on bill.”

It would appear that Amazon’s UPS account is the same. The trick is this: does Amazon explicitly state that what you see on Buy Shipping is what the cost is? Or do they have a “subject to change” clause?


Why not just make the quoted price accurate including surcharges? Seems like all confusion would be resolved.


How can you find out if you are being charged that extra fee? What does it show up as in your transactions?


Because contrary to what others have posted, not all surcharges are identified prior to printing your label. Sometimes, they happen later. Remote area surcharges can be applied to places like Effingham, NH or Russell, NE if a truck isn’t going that way on the day it is supposed to and has to be rerouted. It helps to defray the drivers wages, fuel, and vehicle expenses.


No taxation without representation. I demand transparent pricing.




Meh… Even they will charge you on the backend