The Product Advertising API (PA-API) for Sellers is Shutting Down Aug. 31st


Well it appears my Amazon Associate account has been throttled. I had no idea this was going to happen. I’m getting the error message below.

There was a problem with your Amazon API request. This is the error Amazon returned:

RequestThrottled: Request from blacklist_A3JVDG9FQ0FJBW is throttled.

What do I do? Who Do I contact? How do I correct this. All my amazon sites are not working.


Hi Sharon,

You had cleared my throttling before and now it’s happening again, not sure if it’s just a glitch in Amazon, because you had said I was all straightened out and would not have any other problems, but I seem to be throttled again.

I replied to your previous contact, please check your inbox, as over 50 sites are down again.

Thank you


Are you a Seller AND an Associate and using the same keys for both (api’s)? And perhaps were previously whitelisted?

If so, you need new, separate keys for the Associate sites/api’s to ‘separate’ it from your seller keys.

You may need to create a new (free) Associate account/login to get the new/different keys…

Worked for me (and some others), YMMV. Good luck.

BTW, I also opened a case regarding this at the Associate support link Sharon posted above about 2 weeks ago. No response yet.


Hi Sharon

Once again all my websites are down, unable to pull anything from Amazon. This was all resolved late August but now since yesterday all 40+ websites are like lame ducks.

Pl. advise.



Hi Sharon

Since Sept. 17 my websites are down again. I have opened case with Associate Customer Service and Sellers Support with no response.

I wonder what is it now that has made by websites made lame ducks.

I would appreciate your guidance.



Great advice! Thanks. Just posted on the old developer forum.


FYI - The old MWS forums now appear to be offline along with the rest.

I read what you posted there, PLEASE keep working on upgrading the P API (Alternate Versions would REALLY be nice), and hopefully my across the pond friends will be able to get over here. Otherwise they’ve lost posting …

Also I know there’s a big message on the main forums page but we developers never go there. We start in the MWS forum. So +if possible+ a re-post there would let everyone know it’s closed, thus explaining why they can’t reply (like I tried to your post) and would be nice.

Well back to work.

Thanks for all you people do!!


Update: In preparation for deprecating the seller version of PA-API, some users may notice that they are being throttled to the point that they cannot continue using it. The throttling will produce a blacklisting error. This is happening to users who have not complied with the repeated attempts to contact them and ask them to identify the seller accounts for which they are using the PA-API data. Many users have AWS accounts that do not directly map to seller accounts; these are the accounts that are affected as well as invalid seller accounts that have been blocked or do not have valid sales or credit card data. Only valid Amazon sellers may continue to use PA-API until the end of August.

If you have a valid, unblocked, Amazon paid subscription seller account that has active offers and recent sales, and the AWS key that you’re using for PA-API is not tied to this seller account, and you did not comply with the request back in May to contact us and allow us to make the connection between the two accounts, you will likely be blocked in the coming days. This is an attempt to persuade you to contact us and acknowledge that you are aware of the upcoming final shut down of PA-API for sellers on 8/31/2012.

If you are an Amazon Associate, you should be using the Associate version of PA-API, which is not shutting down. For information, go here:

If you are experiencing problems, or if you’re not sure whether you will be impacted, please contact us. If you have valid Amazon seller usage, let us know; we will restore your access for the remainder of August. Here are the MWS portals for the affected regions. Just click on the contact link on the left-hand navigation pane, sign in with your valid seller account, and tell us your AWS key that you’re using to access PA-API. We will reply within one business day.

MWS regional portals
• CA:
• DE:
• FR:
• JP:
• UK:
• US:

All sellers must move from PA-API to the MWS Products API before 8/31/2012 as PA-API for sellers is shutting down.
Thank you,


Hi Sharon. My account has been throttled - how can I have my access restored? I’m currently not using the Product Advertising API (PA-API) for Sellers (I have a seller account that I never used), only the Associate version of PA-API. Thanks in advance!



Please contact the MWS support engineers, as requested, so they can help you.


Hi Sharon,

I followed the link to contact MWS support – when I click the option “Contact Amazon MWS (Seller Login Required)” on the left menu I’m redirected to the page where I can’t find any support link. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance.

PS. I’m already logged in as a seller when I try to access the option “Contact Amazon MWS (Seller Login Required)”


I just clicked your link and was redirected to

Then I logged off and clicked your link again: I entered my login and pwd, and again was redirected to the link I just mentioned.


When you click the contact link you should be directed here:

Please reply back to this thread and let me know whether this works for you.


In what region is your seller account located? If you have a valid US or Canadian seller account, the link I gave you should direct you to the contact form. If not, it will take you to the page to create or update your account.


I think my account is located at US region. I registered a few years ago, and never used it.


If you can log into Seller Central at then you should be able to log in to the contact form. If you have a seller account that you’ve never used, as in you don’t have active listings and haven’t had at least one fulfilled order within the last 30 days, then you’re not eligible to use the seller version of PA-API anyway nor would migrating to the MWS Products API be of use to you.


Sharon, I am using the Associate version of PA-API. I’m wondering if the throttling of an inactive PA-API seller account is affecting the Associate version of the PA-API, since, as I stated before, despite my low usage, I’ve been throttled.


I definitely have that problem since I have both an associate account and a seller account with the same email address.

I’m seeing the PA-API return an HTTP 503 response with an error message that includes something like “Request from blacklist_A123ABC123ABCD is throttled”

I’ve submitted a ticket to MWS support and am waiting to see if they can either un-blacklist me, or revert to the Associate version of the API.


I am aware of that change and have used it frequently to help posters on the archived PA PIA forum …

I guess I just considered (wrongly) … or better yet … didn’t consider that being allowed to call the older versions of the PA API (usually 2010-11-01 for me I think) was to be called the Sellers version (??) since I can also call the other.

Interesting …

If you don’t mind I do have a question. Is it possible to be both a Seller under the MWS P API and also use the PA API on my website as an Associate? Would it require different keys? Can calls be made from both ip’s?

I can log in and apparently have an associate account and id.


Thanks Sharon. I definitely belong to the second group you described. The problem is that I’m using the PA-API and being throttled and receiving a blacklist error, despite the fact that my use of the PA-API is far from any usage limit imposed by Amazon. It already happened on Jul 5, 2012, and happened again on Aug 2, 2012. I arrived at your message after following a link from the PA-API forum, where a user reported the throttling warning posted by you on this thread.