The Product Advertising API (PA-API) for Sellers is Shutting Down Aug. 31st


Sharon, I’m sorry to bother you again, but your referral to the AWS forum was useless. Mary over there has stopped responding, and the Associates customer support has not responded to my inquiry after a couple of weeks. My associates account is still getting a blacklist response from the PA-API. I know it isn’t your department, but is there any way you can light a fire under the Associates PA-API team and ask them to resolve this issue? I’m starting to feel like Amazon doesn’t care a whit for Associates anymore.񜁗


Dear Sharon,

We need direct communication from Amazon to sellers regarding these bugs, because we are tired of telling they are Amazon bug, and sellers don’t tend to believe us …

For the transparency and the clarity of the matter, would you please have the bugs posted on Seller Central dashboard so that seller could see when they login ?



This is the information I’ve received from the Associates team. Please follow these instructions to receive help:

If you are using the Product Advertising API in conjunction with the Associate program and have started receiving error messages stating that your account has been blacklisted, please contact Associate Customer Service. In the contact form, please provide your:

  • Associate Store-ID
  • AWSAccessKeyId used to call the API
Do not include your Secret Key id.

Contact Associate Customer Service -
We believe that a small number of Associates may be affected by a planned deprecation of the MWS Seller version of the Product Advertising API.
Please note that changes made last year to the API may impact your use case for the API. See details -


Sharon, I did all this 2 weeks ago and never received a response.


[quote=“Imaginator Press, Inc”]
Sharon, I did all this 2 weeks ago and never received a response.[/quote]
Please test again and let me know. I believe we’ve fixed this issue for you. Please be aware that it can take between 10 minutes to 2 hours to propogate, but I’d appreciate hearing back to know when it’s working.


You too!


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Looks like it’s working now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!![/quote]
You are quite welcome. Have a great weekend!


Looks like it’s working now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


So what is the actual date the seller PA-API will be shutting down? It seems to still be in operation 6 days later – has the date been extended, and if so what is the new date?


My understanding is you no longer have access to the “Seller” version (which had much more information returned) but the “Associate” version continues (you won’t get seller ids, etc etc etc. The actual API won’t shut down, just the functionallity will change. I haven’t even bothered to try to be honest.


I’ve created new keys for associate use and that version is alive and well.


If you are a Seller AND an Associate, do you need different keys for the 2? i.e the now 2 different/separate APIs (P API for sellers and ‘new’ PA API for Associates).

Where (link) did you generate new ASSOCIATE Keys?

All my Associate sites went down (were blacklisted from previously being whitelisted) on the 1st, even the ones using the NEW PA API, which should still work, but it does not. BTW, My (new) MWS SELLER apps are working fine… ?:expressionless:

I contacted Associate Support (link per Sharon, Thanks, Sharon) several days ago, but no response yet.


While it may be possible to get the keys fixed after all I’ve seen it’s just easier to use a different email address and get new ones. DO NOT use the email address linked to your seller account or used for the old keys …

As I suspected it doesn’t matter which API version … in relation to the date of the version … we +thought+ we were calling. We were still calling either the Seller or Associate +version+ of the PA API based on how Amazon classified or keys using our email addresses.

Example: I could call either an older API version date like 2010-10-01 or the 2011-08-01 version date like an Associate but still be considered calling the Seller PA API. Associates ccould/can only call the 2011-08-01 version date.


+While it may be possible to get the keys fixed after all I’ve seen it’s just easier to use a different email address and get new ones. DO NOT use the email address linked to your seller account or used for the old keys …+

Yep, that’s what it needed - a new Key (and account) NOT linked to my seller account… Working now, Thanks!


Well it appears my Amazon Associate account has been throttled. I had no idea this was going to happen. I’m getting the error message below.

There was a problem with your Amazon API request. This is the error Amazon returned:

RequestThrottled: Request from blacklist_A3JVDG9FQ0FJBW is throttled.

What do I do? Who Do I contact? How do I correct this. All my amazon sites are not working.


Hi Sharon,

You had cleared my throttling before and now it’s happening again, not sure if it’s just a glitch in Amazon, because you had said I was all straightened out and would not have any other problems, but I seem to be throttled again.

I replied to your previous contact, please check your inbox, as over 50 sites are down again.

Thank you


Are you a Seller AND an Associate and using the same keys for both (api’s)? And perhaps were previously whitelisted?

If so, you need new, separate keys for the Associate sites/api’s to ‘separate’ it from your seller keys.

You may need to create a new (free) Associate account/login to get the new/different keys…

Worked for me (and some others), YMMV. Good luck.

BTW, I also opened a case regarding this at the Associate support link Sharon posted above about 2 weeks ago. No response yet.


Hi Sharon

Once again all my websites are down, unable to pull anything from Amazon. This was all resolved late August but now since yesterday all 40+ websites are like lame ducks.

Pl. advise.



Hi Sharon

Since Sept. 17 my websites are down again. I have opened case with Associate Customer Service and Sellers Support with no response.

I wonder what is it now that has made by websites made lame ducks.

I would appreciate your guidance.



Great advice! Thanks. Just posted on the old developer forum.