Terrible experience with seller support


tried to list a product but was rejected many times, the reason: The document provided includes information that does not match your selling account. Please provide an invoice that reflects your business name and address.

The truth: they do not know how to read a Canadian invoice. they thought the issuer of the invoice is my company???the bill to xxx is my company and address

Tried to explain this to the managers and they added notes to my case and promised it will be fixed

and today i got another rejection with the same reason.

can someone teach them how to read??? seller support is not helpful, not at all\


Not a very positive attitude to have here on Amazon. Seller support knows how to read. I suspect there are other issues at play.


Been here 11 years. Hes not wrong at all. Often when proving expenses to support the agents do not understand the invoice. They have no concept of taxation, commissions, b2b agreements… nothing. They often will not read or comprehend details essential to the case and fundamental to any business.
We have also had language issues here frequently.

He just spoke the truth. Dont be so fast to write it off. I have the exact same experience as him. Nuff said